Why You Need a Mammogram Like Right Now

Heads up ladies. Doctors are now advising women to get regular mammograms. Wait, what? Here’s what it is and why a woman needs it.

First off, what is a Mammogram? To those who do not know or not familiar, a mammogram is an x-ray for the breast. Doctors, these days, are advising women to have regular mammograms.

According to breastcancer.org, women 40 years old and below can already be at risk for breast cancer. This is a leap from previous statistics that put women above 50 years at risk. Thus, doctors are now requiring women to get a mammogram even before they hit 40.

What is good about the mammograms is that they are now digitized and uses less radiation. The technology is also more advanced because the x-ray can already detect abnormalities in the breast like cysts, lumps, and tumors within the breast. Before, a doctor will only know there is a cyst when they see a lump in the breast. There is, thus, a better chance of detecting breast cancer early and treating it.