5 Ways to Cut Down on Spending When Living in the Metro

You know you’re an adult when the word “budget” has become a part of your daily life. But living by numbers and limits doesn’t have to be such a drag. You can cut down on your costs and get more bang for your buck by following these smart money-saving tips. 

You work hard and earn a decent salary. But at the end of the month, you inevitably wonder, where all your money had gone.

You are not alone. It can be quite tempting to blow your budget when you live close to shopping malls and high-end restaurants. But there are  ways to save your money if you live in the metro. Here are five effective ones.

1. Before you make a big purchase, think of your hourly rate

Think of your purchases in terms of your hourly rate to find out if they’re worth your money. Your hourly rate is your monthly salary divided by the number of hours you work per month. So if you’re eyeing a stylish dress that costs PhP3,000, ask yourself: Is it worth spending X number of hours filing boring reports or dealing with difficult clients just to buy one dress? Maybe not.

2. Be a Master Chef

You won’t miss out on those expensive steak dinners when you can make your own restaurant-quality dishes at a fraction of the cost. So don’t buy it. Cook it. Whip up your own frappes and milk teas. Avoid expensive takeaway drinks. You’ll not only save on the costs, you’ll also limit your cholesterol.

3. Motivate Yourself with Words and Pictures

Believe it or not, seeing the words “early retirement” in your wallet or a picture of your dream destination in your credit card sleeve can encourage you to save money. This kind of positive reinforcement really works in motivating people. But if you prefer tough love, wrap your credit card in your statements with your debts highlighted. Seeing the amount you owe can stop you from using it.

4. Set up two bank accounts

Set up two bank accounts—salary account and savings account. Then, get your bank to automatically transfer a percentage of your salary straight to your savings account. It’s like automatically dropping a portion of your earnings into a virtual piggybank.

5. Keep your eyes open for deals

Sign up for deals and coupons that offer great discounts. There are various lifestyle reward apps like Pouch, Orange World, and GetGo that let you enjoy freebies and discounts. Orange World, the lifestyle and rewards app of FWD Life Philippines, allows you to earn points by reading, liking, and sharing articles. You can then exchange the reward with freebies and discounts.