8 things to do to survive your first job

From school to work, we know it’s a big adjustment for you. But hey, it’s much like the first day in College. You’ll get the hang of it eventually. Here are a few things to help ease the birth pains. 

Dear Freshies, your first job can be the most exciting and challenging chapter in your life. Gone are the days when you can skip classes because your professor cannot careless whether you learn or not. Now, it’s all work because, well, you’re getting paid to work.

In a lot of ways, it’s like those first few days in College. You don’t know anyone. You’re absolutely clueless on what to do. But eventually, you’ll learn and you’ll be one of the squad. For the meantime, here are ways to fast track your adjustment.

1. Try to get know your colleagues.

You may be the newbie right now, but in time, you will have your own squad. You are under the same company. You have the same goal. Somehow, getting along seems inevitable. If you do not get along with anyone, be civil. Don’t get into fights.

2. Welcome the criticisms

It does not matter if you were at the top of your class in school. In the corporate world, you are at the bottom of the food chain. Welcome criticisms and always ask for feedback. This is the time to learn about the industry and when you’re young, people will cut you more slack. Be grateful for that.

3. Don’t overthink.

In life, you don’t get what you want on the first strike. Don’t overthink. If you failed at a task, that does not mean that you failed over all. Treat it as an opportunity to learn and improve. Don’t overthink and just forge on. Do your job and your efforts will be recognized.

4. Focus on your goals not on negativity.

If you think you have seen the last of terror professors and bully classmates, think again. They are also in the workplace. There are bosses and colleagues that are just bullies. Don’t let them get to you. As long as you are doing your job, you’re okay.

5. Manage your time wisely.

This is the real world. You no longer have the luxury or time to slack around. But if you manage your time well, you’ll be able to have both a great career and a thriving social life. So plan ahead and be responsible with your time.

6. Keep yourself motivated.

Sometimes, it’s hard to get motivated especially when you’re still adjusting to your new environment. Psyche yourself up with some early morning pep talk or set yourself some goals. Keep it short term so you’ll know if you have progress.

7. Learn to Let Go.

Learn to treat everything as business. In the corporate world, nothing is ever personal. If they criticize your work that does not mean that they don’t like you. Develop a tough skin because there will be plenty more criticisms coming your way. You cannot won’t be able to please everybody.

8. Hold your money wisely.

One of the main problems you’ll encounter in corporate life is how to manage your money. Now that you are earning, learn to budget and save. As early as now, teach yourself to control spendings.