Top 4 Best Apps to Manage Your Finances

Managing your finances is no rocket science—and it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of ways for you to monitor every cent from your paycheck. With hundreds of financial apps out there to help you—not to mention mobile banking platforms that makes everything so easy—there’s no excuse to not plan your finances.

Here are five mobile apps, good for both iOS and Android, that are going to make your budgeting attempt definitely worth your while this 2017.

1. MINT 
Mint not only shows your savings and every single credit card transaction you’ve had, it also helps you keep track of your money transactions by allowing you to connect your accounts to it. It also reminds you of any upcoming bills to be paid. If you’re the type of person who has bill amnesia, then this particular feature should help you avoid penalties for late payments.

Like Mint, you can connect your accounts to it for real-time transaction updates. It also provides an overview of your spending habits and keeps tab of recurring due dates and bills. Depending on your input of projected regular expenses, it should give you clear picture of whether or not you are on track with your budgeting and savings. As a plus, it also provides helpful financial management tips, investing, and more. 

This app infuses a bit more fun into financial management. Apart from managing your daily finances, it helps you set up goals via mini-games that will “reward” you with savings. You also get to lay down rules that will automatically trigger deposits into your app account (you have to create one). Anything that will encourage you to both manage your finances and have fun saving should be worth a download.

ETMoney boasts of a user-friendly interface that features an intuitive expense tracker to keep you updated on your spending. What’s unique about ETMoney is SmartDeposit, which is designed to let you keep savings that can earn up to eight percent in interest annually without much risk. 

There are, of course, plenty more apps available out there but at the very least, you can get started with these five to narrow down your options. Financial management today is convenient and accessible, so make the most out of it to reach your financial goals.