How to Do Job Hunting Like a Boss

You’ve graduated. Congrats! Now, you need to learn a whole new set of lessons. This time on how to ace job hunting. Well, here are the basics. 

If you think you’re already off the hook the moment you graduated, think again. You have actually barely began and there will be harder, more complicated things coming. But for the meantime, focus your attention in getting straight As in the toughest part of your transition from school to corporate—The Job Hunt. Here are a few things you have to do. 

1. Work on your resume
This is often the make-or-break part of job hunting. Without a resume, companies will not know of your qualifications. Think of it as your personal advertisement. So sell yourself. Include the trainings and internships you’ve done while in College. If you were active in school organizations, good for you! That’s another plus point for most recruiters. List down your skills, even the computer programs you can use. Get good people to vouch for you as your references. 

2. Sign up on LinkedIn
LinkedIn is one of the sites that recruiters check when they are looking for professional hires. What’s good about LinkedIn is that it already has a format. All you need to do is to type the information.

3. Join job sites like Jobstreet. 
Many companies right now subscribe to job sites as these are a minefield of potential hires. Headhunters and recruitment agencies also scour the resumes in these job sites, so you have double the chance of getting your resume to the right person, in the right company. 

4. Submit your resume. 
Some companies have options where you can submit or send resumes directly to their websites. These resumes will be in their active file, which they can look through every time a need crops up. 

5. Practice your interviewing skills.
As early as now, try to read up on the most common interview questions. Try to come up with your best spiel. Practice often so it won’t sound rehearsed. It has to sound natural and not robotic. Get a friend to practice with you so you’ll experience having someone ask you. 

6. Enhance your other skills  
While waiting for a call for interview, spend your time wisely by enrolling in classes and enhancing your skills. Join a language class or enroll in a computer software class. It’ll be worth your while.