Hey Big Spender! Can You Really Save AND Spend?

Are you the type who likes making money but loves to spend it even more? Guess what, you can actually spend AND save at the same time. Here are five quick ways to save when you cannot seem to keep that wallet under lock and key.  

It’s Payday Friday. But you promised yourself you’d start saving this year.  Surely an outfit or two on sale won’t break the bank. And just like that, you’re off to another shopping spree!

Yup, you’re a spender. (Acceptance is the first step!) Some people find it easy to save their money but that’s not you. So what to do when your wallet seems to have a mind of its own? Become a smart shopper.  

Yes, there are habits you can develop so you can continue to shop and yet, still get to save money at the end of the month. Below are five tips to start you off.

1. Take Advantage of Exclusive Discount Offers from Your Bank’s Credit Card Partner Merchants.

Check out flyer inserts that come with your monthly credit card bill. You’ll find as much as 20% off on regular-priced items on three months’ term. Make sure to read the promo mechanics and easypay installment terms so you know the exact deal you’re getting.

2.  Avail of Frequent Shopper Cards from Establishments Where You Often Shop

Most big brands have promo cards that allow you to gather points with cashback equivalents. You can shop like you normally do but earn points that you can use to pay for your next purchase.

3. Know the Brands That Have Regular Store Offers

As a shopping maven, take note of stores that have weekly offers. Shops like Uniqlo have Friday sales where you can buy one and get 50% off on second purchase. That way, it feels like you shopped for more but you actually saved while stocking up on basics like polos and tees.

4.  Consider Online Shopping

Zalora offers regular shopping deals plus they now carry big brands. Most online stores have cool discounts and some promo periods offer free shipping so it’s a great spend-and-save strategy.

5. Use Your Credit Card Rewards

With the way you shop, you would be amazed at the freebies you can already get through your credit card rewards. But remember, pay off your credit card in full, every month, so you won’t get buried in debt.