10 No To #FriendZoned Rules

That Jollibee ad that went viral surely gave us all the #friendzoned feels. So if you’re a guy who’s about to enter “the purgatory of all relationships,” here are 10 tips on how to break out of the limbo and head straight to #relationshipgoals.

Just the thought of getting #friendzoned is enough to make any guy shudder in fear. It happens when you get close to a girl thinking it’s the way to her heart only to end up being her bestie. “It also happens when you enter into an exchange that isn’t fair or equal,” says Jeremy Nicholson, also known as The Attraction Doctor of the Psychology Today site. So up your game and be the guy she dates rather than the guy she talks to about the other guys she’s dating. Here are 10 ways to not get #friendzoned.

Rule 1: Avoid doing BFF stuff.

She feels fat and wants to go shopping for a new wardrobe.  She asks if you can come along. Dude, say no. She has girlfriends to do that with.  If you were her boyfriend you wouldn’t be caught dead doing that anyway. 

Rule 2. Make your intentions clear.

No need to be aggressive but definitely let her know you want to be more than just a friend. Otherwise she may not end up liking you that way because she never knew you did.

Rule 3. Don’t be too available.

Remember that ice cream bar everyone wanted because it was always sold out? You get the picture.  Be that ice cream bar, minus the ice.

Rule 4. Let her think you have other options.

Girls like the idea that other women find you attractive.  Make her think there’s a possibility that she might lose you.

Rule 5.  Don’t let her vent about other guys.

You are not her therapist.  Once you set yourself up as her confidante, all notions of romance will fly out the window.

Rule 6.  Don’t try too hard to please her.

Being a doormat is not going to get her all googly-eyed on you. It’s okay to have differences of opinions or arguments. She’ll respect you. Besides, that’s certainly better than boring her to death.

Rule 7. Hold back on the urge to tell her how much you like her… every single time

Save it for the big moments. If you keep saying it all the time it won’t be special.

Rule 8. Be unpredictable.

Don’t let her figure you out so quickly. A little mystery goes a long way.

Rule 9. Flirt with her.

People enter the friendzone when there is no sexual tension.  So create it.  Casually touch her cheek or look one second longer at her eyes.  Flirting is romantic.

10.  Don’t be afraid of rejection.

As Dr. Nicholson says, effort and investment must be balanced on both sides. If you feel it’s been all give and give from your end, man up and let her know.  If you’re able to sort things out, then great.  If not then walk away; you just saved yourself a lot of wasted time and emotions.