6 Creative Date Ideas to the Rescue!

Tired of the standard dinner-movie combo with your date? Get creative with these accessible yet out-of-the-box suggestions!

You know you’ve run out of date ideas when you’re checking your mobile calendar for the last time you went to a restaurant. If you caught your partner looking bored one too many times, you’d know that what’s coming around the corner isn’t going to be rainbows and butterflies. Keep things exciting on your next date with these not-so-usual ideas.

1. Museum Muse

#MayForever at the National Museum because entrance is free… for life! Go for a stroll along timeless masterpieces and impress your date with interesting trivia about the artworks on display.

2.  Channel Cupid

Cupid is a classic Valentine icon whose bow and arrow have brought countless lonely hearts together. Why not give the little cherub a salute? Go to the nearest archery range and channel Cupid with your right-on-target shots!

3.  Climb the Walls

Here’s where you can show off your gym bod, yet stay low key! Practice in advance so you don’t end up pulling a muscle in front of your date. Play the gentleman and assist your date. Nothing says chivalry more than saying how willing you are to catch her when she falls.

4. Locked and Loved

Attaching padlocks on towers and bridges has become a romantic gesture in all parts of the world. You can do that, too, in Filinvest City, Alabang! Mosey on to Festival Supermall’s River Park “Love Locks,” where you and your honey can purchase padlocks to hang on the bridge as a sign of your unwavering love. This place is perfect for just savoring the time you have together. Tambay all you want and enjoy the simple things.

5. Speak the Language of Love

French is not called the language of love for nothing.  Learn this sexy language together at Alliance Française de Manille. If you’re unsure about enrolling, you can get a feel of it through events like the Ciné Club. Don’t worry, the movies have English subs.

6. Her Scent on You

Imagine making a scent your special someone would wear and vice versa. Now THAT’S sexy. Book a date in one of Fragrance Factory’s perfume making seminars and see what would smell good on each other. No better excuse to get a little closer than perfume-making.

Dates shouldn’t always feel choreographed. In fact, the best ones feel light, easy, and just straight-out fun. Don’t be shy to let your feelings show! Remember, you don’t have to be inside a candle-lit resto to be romantic.