7 Reasons Why Best Friends Turn Out to Be Great Partners

Your best friend is probably high up there in the rankings, a notch below your own family. But what happens when you start to feel something more? Is it worth the risk? Here are seven reassuring reasons why best friends actually do turn out to be the best partners.

That Jollibee video had us theorizing why the best friend did not get the girl in the end. Here’s one possibility. Maybe he did not ask for a chance in the first place. Most friends don’t want to cross that line for fear of ruining the friendship. Here are 8 reasons why turning friendship into love may be all worth it.

1. Best Friends Can Handle Even the Pettiest Mood Swings

You’ve had these petty fights millions of times. You pout and stomp your feet, or they sulk and give you the silent treatment for days. You can bicker, back and forth, but still you know that in the end, it will not change the relationship and you will just go back to how you guys were.

2. They’re Already Part of the Family

Meeting the parents is always a nerve-wracking experience for couples who date. When you date your best friend, however, that’s no longer a problem. In fact, there’s already a chair reserved for you at their dining table. Your own family is so used to having your best friend around, they won’t mind seeing him hanging out.

3. You Know Their Past

Yes, all their exes, their flings, and their the-one-that-got-aways. Jealousy may be unavoidable, of course, but knowing details like what went wrong certainly helps you adjust and care for the relationship.

4. BFFs Know and Support Each Other’s Dreams

Whether it’s frivolous or seemingly impossible, best friends are always there to have your back. Imagine this kind of support only becoming further amplified when you’re both sharing your lives as a couple.

5. You’re Way Past Trying to Impress Each Other

They’ve seen you at your best, and, more importantly, at your worst. Alright, that sounds like John Lloyd’s speech to Bea in One More Chance but it’s kinda true, isn't it? The only thing left to do is share all of these experiences together, but this time as a couple—and that’s a new adventure you two would gladly take on.  

6. They Respect Your Decisions

They may not always understand your decision-making process, but they know why it’s important to you. If they don’t agree with it, they know how to either help you out to gain better perspective or let you work it out for yourself.

7. Friendship is the Best Foundation of a Lasting Relationship

Old couples always say that the romance eventually fades over time. This is why having friendship as a solid foundation is crucial, because once the sparks are gone, that is what will keep your relationship going.