5 Signs You Are High Maintenance and Proud of It

Carrie Bradshaw. Miranda Priestly. Amor Powers. These women are high maintenance and unabashedly proud of it. And why not? As long as you work hard for it, you don’t need to apologize for enjoying the best things in life. So are you high maintenance? Click to find out.

You’re high maintenance if you set high goals for yourself and have high expectations of yourself and other people. You are not one to lower your standards or accept mediocrity. Are you one of them? Here are the signs.

1. You are updated on all the “best of” lists

From Top 10 restaurants to the 7 habits of successful people, you are always in the know. Whether it be your output at work or the clothes you wear, you are only about absolute quality. You hate mediocrity and abhor laziness.


2. Confidence is your best accessory

And you wear it well, 24/7. Your take-charge attitude is impressive and disarming. You know what you want and you are not afraid to get it. When faced with failure, you simply get up and resolve to do better. There’s no one stopping you.

3.  You live by the motto “the devil is in the details”

Puwede na is anathema to you. You don’t stop ‘til things are exactly right. Some of your colleagues may find your attention to details difficult but they cannot discount the quality and success of your every project.

4. Your 11th commandment is: Thou shalt not take me for granted

You are the woman who is wooed. Casual dating and “it’s complicated” are not for you. You want to know exactly where you stand in a relationship because you give the best and you know you deserve nothing less to be given the best, too.

5. Success is your imprint

You work hard and you play hard. Anything short of success is mediocrity and that is death. You are most likely feared and respected but rightly so. The path to an amazing life may be a difficult one but it is the only road that exists for you.