8 Things Not to Say to Your Partner

What’s your go-to line when arguing with your partner? Is it really okay to say “I’m sorry, but…” or “Calm down”? Nope. Here are six more phrases you should wipe off your vocabulary. 

According to research, the happiest couples are the ones who say more positive statements to each other. But what about when you’re arguing? What should you NOT say? (aside from the more obvious statements, of course)

“You’re just like...”

Relationship 101: Never, EVER compare.

“You never” and “You always”

 The phrase “you never” is just so negative that there is only room for defensive response. It connotes inadequacy. “You always,” on the other hand, sounds so judgmental.

“If you say so

This is a classic no-no. Avoiding arguments by saying “If you say so” just shuts off your partner


The word sound so flippant and uncaring that saying it will just annoy your partner and worsen the argument.

“It’s not my fault”

Admit you are wrong. If you want to remain happy, forget pride. It’s a relationship poison.

“I’m sorry, but”

Say sorry and mean it. No buts. But then again, don’t say sorry so many dozens of times that it begins to lose its meaning.

“Calm down”

It can be misinterpreted as “Shut up” which is not a phrase that will end a fight.

“This is why”

Never start the argument with this. It comes across as patronizing, as though you’re speaking to a child.