8 Things First- Time Parents Need To Remember

Parenting can be daunting especially for first-time parents. How can it not be? You have this precious baby and often, you don’t know what to do. 

Parenting is one tough job and it’s even harder for first-time parents like you because there’s no manual or a primer that will prepare you for it. It’s training on the job and often, raising a kid is a series of trial and error. Here are, however, a few, general tips that might help you in your journey. Good luck!


As much as you can, try to breastfeed your baby for two years. Nothing can surpass the benefits that breastfeeding can give your baby, especially nutrition-wise.

Don’t spend so much on clothing

Kids grow up fast. So instead of spending so much on clothes that they will outgrow in record time, spend more on what they really need—food and education.

Sleep when the baby sleeps

They say that having a baby at home means zero sleeping hours. Wrong! You can sleep but time it when your baby is also sleeping. Match your body clock with theirs and you’d not be losing sleep.


Let them cry

Don’t stress yourself over a crying baby. Sometimes, they just need to let it out. Not calming them the moment they cry will also train them to not always be reliant on others. This is a bit tricky though because you also need to be sure that it’s not a cry for food or for something painful.


Check forums

There are a lot of parenting forums where parents like you post questions. If you are unsure of something, check the internet. Make sure that you only read expert’s advice from reputable sites.

Involve your spouse  

Parenting is work for the two of you, unless you are a single mom. Involve your spouse in feeding and taking care of the baby. It will strengthen your bond with your child and, at the same time, renew your bond with your partner.

Children develop at their own time

Babies develop in different ways, at different paces. Some children will already be talking while the others are still babbling. Don’t panic. Consult your doctor and let the experts check.

Don’t miss a doctor’s appointment

It’s important, while the baby is growing up, to get regular consultations. This will allow your doctor to check on your kid’s development progress and to see if he/she needs help in some areas.