8 Art Galleries To Visit in Metro Manila

Looking for another way to make your weekend memorable? Check out these new galleries that have popped up in the Metro as Filipinos are discovering their inner art critics.

Who says Filipinos are not into the arts. In recent years, the country has been experiencing an art renaissance, which can be seen in the increasing popularity of art films and art events. Here are some of Metro Manila’s best galleries. Spend your weekend there and discover the artistic talents of the Filipinos.

Vinyl on Vinyl

Vinyl on Vinyl is an art gallery located in Makati. It specializes in the works of modern-day pop culture artists, particularly those who dabble in surrealism and street art.

Pinto Art Museum

Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo is a favorite among millennials because of its beautiful interior design and well-crafted gardens that are selfie-perfect. The artworks and sculptures it houses are also picture perfect with their minimalist contemporary theme.

Pineapple Lab

This is the perfect art space for everyone who wants to get inspired. Pineapple lab is a one-stop destination for discovering innovative art forms. The gallery even has its own bar! Hmmm…

Museum of Miniatures

This museum in Marikina is not your typical art house. It exhibits tiny sculptures that are so tiny, it will hold you affix.

West Gallery

Located at West Ave Quezon, West Gallery is a home for Filipino contemporary artists. It’s the perfect place for new and blossoming artist to showcase their works.

Gallerie Anna

If you find yourself in SM Megamall, one of the country’s biggest malls, drop by Galerie Anna. This small museum in Mandaluyong features artists that have unique styles and not-so-ordinary artistic ideology.

Museo Orlina

Museum Orlina was put up by Filipino glass sculpture artist Ramon Orlina. The museum houses his amazing glass sculptures. But apart from those, the museum also features a stunning architecture that is truly a sight to behold against the vibrant landscape of Tagaytay.

Blanc Gallery

If you’re an admirer of abstract art and minimalism, you cannot not go to this gallery in Katipunan. Blanc Gallery houses pieces from local contemporary artists that may look simple at first glance but are actually quite complicated to make.