7 Snacks for a Healthy Summer

Want to munch on some snacks but afraid to lose your summer body? Here are some guilt-free snacks you can bring with you to that beach trip!

Nothing like a beach trip to make you think of cold frappes and potato chips. Unfortunately, if you want to be able to rock that swim wear, chips and whipped cream won’t do. Here are scrumptious alternatives that you can prepare yourself while on vacay.

1. Fruit shakes/slushies

Do you want a healthy thirst quencher? FRESH fruit shakes or slushies are your best choice. All you need is a blender and a handful of fruits you want. Need a sample recipe? Mix in strawberries, coconut water, a teaspoon of ground ginger and fresh lemon juice.

Now we’re not talking about the smoothies you buy in chains, we’re talking homemade fruit shakes made with no sugar. All you need are an assortment of fruits and coconut water and you’ll get a tasty treat. Tip: Freeze a banana to give you that creamy texture.

2. Fruity ice pops

Another twist on eating fruits is this: Pour freshly squeezed fruit juice into ice cube trays, slice your favorite fruits into bite-sized pieces, and put some on each cube. Freeze overnight. Come morning, eat the cube as is or toss it in your water for a hint of flavor.

3. Pepper Cup

Elettra Wiedemann, Jackie Alpers and Ali Nardi shared this colorful snack hack in an article in ABCnews.com. Using a pepper, which they sliced as close to the top as possible to create a little lid, the three created a unique container for carrot and celery stick + hummus. You can make one of your own and substitute hummus with cheese or sour cream dip. Asparagus, apple slices or papaya will make wonderful veggie snacks.  

4. Go “nuts”! 

If you want something that’s good for the heart, American Heart Association suggests nuts like walnuts, pistachios, almonds, or cashews. These bite-sized snacks are packed with fiber and are considered brain food as well.

5. Avocados

There are lots of avocados here in the Philippines. Instead of consuming them the usual way—mixed with milk and sugar—why not start making guacamole? It’s a simple mixture of tomatoes, onions, and avocadoes and a great way to add flavor to your snacks.

6. Seaweed and Kale Chips

Want to wean yourself out of potato and corn chips? Seaweed and kale are great alternatives. They can satisfy salty cravings but not weigh you down calorie-wise. And it’s so easy to make! All you have to do is shred some kale and add olive oil and some salt. Then, place the kale in the oven and leave it for 40 minutes.

7. Granola with a twist

An article from www.wonkywonderful.com suggested to try it with this recipe: Oats, chia seeds, honey, a pinch of salt, vanilla paste, coconut flakes, dried pineapple. Just mix it together in a bowl, add the sweeteners according to your taste.

Granola is such an underrated grain.  Very few people actually know how to make edible treats with it. Here’s what you can do: Mix granola with milk and water, oats and seeds; and fruits like dried pineapple and cranberry. Then, put some sweeteners to taste.