7 Frequently Asked Health Insurance Questions Answered

A recent medical emergency siphoned all your savings? Get a health insurance. Here are five things you need to know. 

Health insurance is fast becoming a valued commodity, what with people getting sick because of the weather and virus strains cropping up from out of nowhere. These day, it really pays to be protected. To those who have no idea what a health insurance is. Read on. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What is a health insurance?

This is a type of insurance that covers a person’s medical expenses, including check-ups, medical tests, hospitalization, and even surgery. Some insurance cover specific medical conditions like FWD Life Philippines’ Fight Plan, which protects people from medical expenses associated with cancer. 

How do I apply?

Insurance companies have agents who will assist you in applying. For FWD’s health insurance for cancer, you can call +632 888-8388 or email customerconnect.ph@fwd.com

What do I get from a health insurance?

Depending on the plan you are getting, a health insurance can provide the following:

- free or discounted medical check-ups and medical tests

- free or discounted hospitalization

- discounted surgery and operations

- free regular annual checkups

- free or subsidized physical therapy

- dental and eye services


Are all medical conditions covered?

It depends on the plan you are getting. Some plans will cover all conditions with some exclusions. Others like FWD’s cancer product will only cover a specific condition.


How long am I covered?

Usually, health plans have a one year duration. People just renew every year.


Is it expensive?

Health insurance are traditionally not so expensive since the duration is just a year. Of course, the annual amount you need to pay still depends on what product you will be getting.


What if I don’t get to use it?

Even if you do not get hospitalized, you will still get to use the plan via annual checkups and dental services. Make it a habit to use your plan to check for possible medical problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, even cancer.