6 Job Hunting Tips for Millennials

Are you ready to compete with thousands of millennials, all looking for a job, too? Check out these tips so you can stay ahead of the competition.

With a hundreds of applicants probably gunning for the same position, it’s sometimes hard to stand out especially when all you have is resume. Here are some job-hunting tips that millennials will want to know.

Enhance your Skills

The competition out there is fierce and these days, it is not enough that you have a degree. Beef up your resume with additional skills that other applicants will not have. Employers look for well-rounded individuals who can contribute in many different ways. Take a short course. That’s one skill more than the next applicant.

Stay Out of Your Comfort Zone

Embrace the millennial trait: Being a risk taker. You are still young and have the energy to try out something you haven’t done before. Into writing, but also outspoken? Try public relations or sales. Don’t limit yourself to just your course. There are many out there who become successful in fields that are completely different from their courses. 

Show off your extra-curricular activities

Millennials are known for donning different hats. Don’t be afraid to include your extra-curricular activities and projects on your resume. Employers want people who are energetic, go-getters, and achievers.

Prepare creative resumes

If you’re gunning for a creative position, don’t submit the standard format. Make a resume that will show off your skills and represent your style and personality. This will help you catch the eye of potential employers.

Remember that salary is secondary

Most graduates nowadays are lured by high starting salaries. Don’t join the bandwagon and think long-term. Go for companies that offer career growth, stability, and training. If you are good enough, you’d have twice or thrice more salary and benefits than people stuck in one position. 

Do Networking

You are your own brand. Sell yourself. Network on Facebook and ask for referrals and recommendations from your friends and from people you have worked with. If you have done a great job when you have worked with them, they won’t hesitate helping you or recommending you.