6 Coffee Shops for Those Who Prefer Solitude Over Company

For some, sitting alone in a quiet corner of a coffee shop enjoying a cup of coffee, the smell of freshly baked bread and buttery pastry wafting through the air, is solitude made perfect. For, while most of the metro’s coffee franchises are just as packed as its fast food joints, there are a handful of specialty cafes and concepts that offer quietude and comfort to go with a good cup of coffee. Here are six new coffee shops you’d want to try if you need that alone-time. 

The demands of everyday life can often leave us feeling drained and in need of some much needed quiet time on our own. Thankfully, a handful of cafes that seek to be havens of calmness while offering great coffee have opened up in the metro.

Single Origin

Beautiful interiors, great coffee, and good music. Single Origin in BGC is the perfect place to sit and zone out (or work) while you wait for friends and colleagues. It serves all-day breakfast dishes as well as small plates. It also has a bar so  no need to move to another location for after-dinner drinks.


Even if this café’s layout encourages chilling with friends and meeting new people, Commune is also perfect for enjoying a cup of Joe solo. Its coffee is locally sourced and there’s an array of dishes and pastries to choose from.  If the ground level is full, make your way up to the second floor balcony where it sometimes hosts events. Commune is located in Poblacion, Makati and is open even on Sundays.

Mary Grace Café

Yes, this is a coffee chain but its charming café interiors—filled with lanterns, cute curios, stained glass accents—and lovely wood furnishing make it an excellent choice for some quiet coffee and ensaymada time. Often viewed as a place where titas of Manila would converge, Mary Grace is one of the old reliables when you want to be surrounded by homey interiors, good food, and coffee.


This café in Makati is a wonderful place to hideout in for a quiet afternoon of reading or working. Not many people notice it as they walk through Legazpi Village, which means it is usually quiet. The sound of the coffee grinders and the low hum of other patrons conversing or working nearby lend a soothing background of café noises as you sip your latte.

Toby’s Estate

Yes, another chain name. But every single branch of Toby’s Estate is different. Some branches are bustling hives of activity where yuppies and start-up execs hold lunch meetings. Others are quieter, more chill spots for lounging and enjoying coffee. Regardless of which branch you end up choosing, you’re sure to get great service, a comfortable table, and undeniably great coffee.