5 Ways to Maximize Your Credit Card

Got a credit card but you’re afraid to use it? Maximize it! With these tips, you can make the most out of your plastic card. 

It’s a common misconception that having credit cards lead to debt. The truth is, it depends on the person using it. If you know who to maximize your plastic cards and you use it wisely, you can actually get to save some money through it.

Use your points to pay.

Instead of using your acquired points for unnecessary merchandise that you don’t really need, ask your bank if you could use it to pay for your existing bills. There are banks who also offer gift certificates in exchange for points. Choose gift certificates in shops that you frequently buy stuff in.

Use your rewards and avail of discount promos

Credit card companies offer promos every month. Dine in this resto and you get a discount or a free dish. Same goes with airlines and shops. Be on the lookout for these promos. They are either sent via email, text, or printed on your monthly statement of account.

Keep your receipts and avail of instant freebies

When you use your credit cards to charge a certain amount, you often get instant freebies like a free meal in a fast food chain. It’s not much but hey, a freebie is still a freebie.  

Pay on time and pay in full.

This is, perhaps, one of the things that people fail to do when they have credit cards. Plastics are super convenient with a lot of freebies thrown in but the interest rate, if you don’t pay up on time and in full, can send you to debtor’s prison. So make sure you pay in time and don’t just pay the minimum amount. Pay the whole amount. Besides, having a good credit history will help you with future, more immediate, loans.

Be mindful of the cut-off date.

Having a credit card will allow you to spend and pay later. If you wisely take note of your cut-off date, you will be able to enjoy weeks of extension. This is because purchases made on certain dates will be reflected on the next month’s billing and not this month.

Keep one card but extend your limit.

To lessen the confusion and to make sure that you get to pay on time, limit yourself to just one or two credit cards. Just request to have the credit limits extended. That way, you don’t need to manage multiple cards.