Have you ever had a workmate who acts likes a friend but is really a rival? Someone who tries to get close to you just to find your weak spot? You already know it: That friend will support your ideas during a brainstorming session and then suddenly claims full credit for your work.

Hmmm… sounds familiar? You might have a frenemy at work so here’s how you can deal with them. 

1. Assess Yourself First 

Your attitude, believe it or not, may be one of the contributing factors to a toxic work environment. For example, badmouthing your workmates may be the reason why they feel they have to compete with you. So before you address a workmate's behavior, it is important to look at yourself first. 


2. Avoid Retaliation!

If you’ve heard that a workmate has been talking behind your back, don’t overreact! Never give your frenemies the satisfaction of seeing they’ve gotten to you. Keep your cool!

3. Establish and Maintain Boundaries

Since you always spend time together in your workplace, avoid talking about sensitive or personal topics when your frenemy is around. Consider keeping a casual conversation in the office. 

4. Keep It in Writing

Keep a record of phone conversations, text messages, and email exchanges with your office frenemy regarding work-related matters. Better have proof that can back you up to avoid misunderstandings in the future. 

5. Keep the Competition Healthy

Don’t get too frustrated or overwhelmed by the competition—use it to your advantage. Treat having frenemies as a challenge that’ll keep you motivated at work.