5 Things You Need to Do to Land Your Dream Job

These days, it’s hard enough to find a job, let alone land your dream job. But with these five things, it’ll be a lot easier. Which ones are you already doing?

for since you started working are about one to too many. But while landing your dream job is extra difficult, it is not impossible, especially if you have these five things going for you, according to top recruiters Margaret Suarez-Ocampo and Eulyn Juan of FWD Life Philippines. So read on and start counting. How many are you already doing?

1. Make sure you have the experience, the skills and the education

Experience, skill, and education are musts especially when aiming for a higher position. So here’s a fool-proof tip: check the qualifications required for the job you are aiming for. Focus on the ones that you don’t have yet. Study if you need to. Volunteer so you’d have experience. Remember, you won’t even get to an interview without having the qualifications.

2. Have the right attitude

When everything else is equal, it all comes down to the attitude. FWD Philippines’ Human Resources Officer Eulyn Juan shares: “As a recruiter, the deciding factor would be the motivational fit and the attitude toward work as these factors make all difference in how a person will thrive in that position.” So have the right attitude and make sure that you get that across. This can be done via testimonials or recommendations from former bosses or colleagues.

3. Master the Networking Game

These days, recruiters don’t just leaf through emailed resumes. They also scour the Internet for people who are qualified for the job. If you want to be tapped for a job, then make yourself “discoverable.” Create and maintain a professional profile online. “Make sure to update your LinkedIn profile and use photos that are appropriate. Connect with people in LinkedIn who are in the same industry as you do to expand your network,” advises FWD Philippines’ Human Resources Officer Margaret Suarez-Ocampo. Having an online profile puts your name out there for recruiters to see.

4. Collect Certifications

Some jobs, especially those on the technical side, place a lot of importance in certifications. This is especially true for fields that are constantly evolving. Certifications are additional credential, additional skill sets that will give you an edge over other applicants. So don’t discount that short course or seminar you recently attended. Add them to your resume.

5. Ask for Referrals

A colleague is working in your dream company? Don’t be afraid to ask him or her to recommend you or to give you a holler when an opening crops up. If you’ve maintained a good reputation and have shown good work ethic, they will readily put in a good word for you.