5 Signs Your Man May Be Cheating On You

A woman’s best friend is her gut instinct, especially when dealing with a partner’s wandering eye. But how do you really know when that “inkling” is a warning bell ringing or paranoia rearing its suspicious head? Here are five signs your man may be cheating on you.

When you’re in a relationship, you learn the nuances of your partner’s behavior. If you’re starting to feel suspicious, there might just be fire to all that confusing smoke. While you should not immediately jump to conclusions until you have actual proof, it is still important that you open your eyes and see the truth for what it is. Here are some fool-proof signs that your partner may be having an affair.

1. Unusual Interest in Grooming

Drastic physical changes could mean that your partner wants to look good. It could be to impress you or it could be for someone else. Drastic means going from a basic wardrobe kind of guy to clothes straight out of GQ or from no-cologne to with-cologne.

2. Changes in Normal Routine

Be observant of changes in schedule. Sudden overtime schedules, late night meetings, and frequent business trips when he has always been a nine-to-fiver may mean something.

3.  Suspicious Online Behavior

Is your partner chatting on Facebook Messenger, all the time? Frequent exchanges with an ex or a woman could be a red flag. Does he hurriedly close open windows on his laptop when you enter the room? Or act nervous when you are near his computer? These could be signs of online emotional infidelity.

4.  New Lingo and Interests

If you notice that your partner has picked up some new terms which are so unlikely of him, pay attention. Or if he’s taken a sudden interest in joining a triathlon when he’s never been athletic, start taking notice. He may be imbibing the language and interest of someone he is close to.

5. Sudden Attachment to Smartphone

This one is a dead giveaway. If your partner is suddenly glued to his cellphone, at all times, even when in the bathroom, you may have a problem. Does he smile at the ping of a text, only to immediately delete it? Another giveaway: Does he speak in hushed tones, then quickly ends the call soon as you enter the room? Better start investigating.

While there is no foolproof infidelity detector, it may help to observe your partner’s behavior. If you find that you relate to more than one or all the signs above, start being vigilant and think about what you need to do to save your relationship.