5 Signs to Let Go of a Toxic Relationship

Being in a relationship is guaranteed to give you one, huge rollercoaster ride of emotions. Sometimes, however, things don’t always work out and instead, the couple end up dissatisfied and unhappy. For anyone in a relationship, it’s important to keep in mind that anything toxic is unhealthy for you. Here are telltale signs you’re in a toxic one and that it’s time for you to get a move on.

When a relationship becomes toxic, know that no person should have to remain stuck in it for the sake of being in a relationship, or worse, for a lack of choice. Save some love, respect, and dignity for yourself, too. But how do you know if all the drama you’re having in your relationship is just run-of-the-mill couple woes, or if it’s time to let go? Watch out for the following signs.

Sign # 1: You Feel Emotionally Drained

Being in a constant cycle of psycho-emotional fatigue will inevitably take its toll on your physical health, and it’s going to be one kind of love bug you wouldn’t want to catch. If you find yourself often feeling drained and depressed on matters related to your relationship, ask yourself what it could possibly be that’s causing these feelings.

Relationships are supposed to provide you comfort at the end of a long day. It’s something that you should be able to look forward to—it shouldn’t even have to matter if you spend it out on a fancy dinner or simply on the couch watching series marathons. Point is, a healthy relationship is something you can rely on to uplift your feelings, not leave you feeling deflated and dejected all the more.

Sign # 2: You Have Trust Issues

Sure, it’s normal for couples to be jealous every once in a while. Be wary of signs of jealousy, though, because more often than not, this is a sign of deeper trust issues. If your partner starts insisting that you don’t look at anyone else when you’re out, for example, or even find an excuse to bicker with you because you went out with your colleagues, it’s something that could eventually cause bigger conflicts in the relationship.

Jealous partners, in particular, can be suffocating—demanding exclusive time together all the time, such that some people end up becoming isolated from their family and friends. The constant checking of the other’s inbox, mailbox, or chat history and general activity on social media—and then picking fights about it—are also telling indicators of a lack of trust in the relationship.

Sign # 3: There’s Excessive Control

It’s supposed to be a partnership, so you should feel like a partner. Those in toxic relationships, however, often end up feeling like they’re just there to follow whatever their partner wants them to do. From personal life decisions to career choices, even to the friends they hang out with and the clothes they wear, these are all unmistakable traits of a hyper-controlling relationship that’s sure to suck the life out dry from the controlled party.

Sign # 4: It’s Abusive in All Forms

Or even just one form, really. Whether it be physical, emotional, or psychological abuse, no person should have to stick it out in a relationship that tears their self-worth down instead of building it up.

Don’t let yourself become a victim. Take back your autonomy and start rebuilding your self-worth instead. No relationship is worth staying for if it’s going to come at the cost of your physical safety, and mental and emotional health. There is absolutely no justification for violence in a relationship, so get out of there as soon as you can. It’s going to be difficult, and you will want to make excuses for your partner, but at the end of the day, there’s still no changing the fact that violence should NEVER be tolerated in any relationship.