5 Scary Places in Manila You Wouldn’t Want To Be In At Midnight

Did you know that the University of Santo Tomas is the oldest existing university in Asia? Its oldest structure, the main building, was built in 1927 and survived World War II. Hmmm… No wonder it’s one of the Top 5 Spookiest places in Manila. Can you guess which four places are also in the list?

They have the complete package. Age. Dark halls and alleyways. Creepy corners. And most importantly, stories that are guaranteed to send chills down your spine!

1. Balete Drive

Urban legend has it that this long stretch of a road in New Manila, Quezon City is haunted by a ghost dressed in gossamer white. Known locally as the “white lady,” it is said to be the spirit of a girl who tragically died on that road after a car accident. Although some say it’s a hoax, it does not stop cab drivers and motorists from avoiding the lane at night at all cost.

2. Manila Metropolitan Theater

This abandoned architectural masterpiece near the Manila Post Office and the Quiapo Bridge was the place to be in the 30s but it soon decayed due to war, ownership disputes and politicizing. At night, the building looms over the street like a dark shadow. But the theater is not only known for its creepy façade. A few daredevils who had tried to explore its eerie core left the building, shaken and terrified, filled with stories of their encounters with the theater’s lifeless inhabitants.

3. Philippine National Bank Building (along Roxas Blvd.)

The Philippine National Bank building, along Roxas Boulevard, may look unassuming on the outside but its fifth floor is notoriously known to be the haunting grounds of the victims of Hotel Regent fire in the 80s. The floor was used as morgue back then. Despite exorcism, the floor has been continually haunted, so much so that the 5th floor has been abandoned and removed in the elevator buttons.

4. Manila Film Center

Constructed under the directives of Imelda Marcos back in the early 80s, the Manila Film Center was touted to become one of the country’s cultural icons. But a supposed construction accident that buried workers has made it into Manila’s classic haunted ground. Legend says that because of the time table, the former First Lady apparently ordered construction to continue and to pour cement over deceased workers and even surviving ones trapped inside when the ceiling collapsed. Their souls still roam around the building to this very day.  

5. UST Main Building

Having survived World War 2 and being the oldest university not just here in the Philippines but in all of Asia, the University of Santo Tomas in España, Manila has its fair share of urban legends. Its oldest structure, the Main Building, constructed in 1927, is known to house the spirits of priests, nuns, and former employees and students. Its interior is a maze-like, with long hallways and staircases leading to nowhere.

Photo by By Corteco8, Wikimedia Commons: