5 Home Remedies to Get Rid of a Hangover

Ask your favorite alcoholic Tito for the best hangover cure and he would mostly likely tell you to just drink some more. The “Sundutan mo lang ng alak” route will just delay the inevitable and make your headache worse. Good news is that we have five proven home remedies that can help fight that hangover.

Back in college, you could binge drink like you were on a long weekend and still get to your Math class on time the next morning, sans hangover.  We can’t bring back our glory days but we have five home remedies that’ll help nurse that hangover.


It's essential to remain hydrated while you're out drinking. That means drinking lots of H20 between those shots. Studies suggest drinking two to three glasses of water after a night of drinking to replenish lost fluids in the body. If you fail to hydrate during or after a drinking session, you run the risk of waking up feeling sluggish. To rehydrate and flush the alcohol from your body, drink one to two glasses of water first thing in the morning.  It’ll help fight the grogginess.

Buko Juice

Coconut water has electrolytes, which helps maintain the water balance in our bodies. That’s why after a sweat-inducing workout, it’s recommended to rehydrate with a sports drink, which also contains electrolytes, and not just water. The same thing happens after drinking alcohol. You lose water in your body. Drinking buko juice will help get that water balance back in your body.


People sometimes get an upset stomach after a night of heavy drinking. Ginger is one of the best solutions for settling an upset stomach. Brew some salabat or sweetened ginger tea with honey. It contains fructose, which will help your body burn off liquor that’s still in your body. It might also help you get that elusive perfect score on your next videoke session.


The humble banana contains a great deal of potassium, a mineral lost when we drink alcohol. Lack of potassium contributes to the dehydration symptoms during a hangover. Eating a banana is a quick and inexpensive way to nurse a hangover.

Chicken Mami

The Koreans have their haejang-guk or hangover soup and the Vietnamese have their pho. Luckily, we have good ol’ chicken mami. It’s the chicken soup for the drunken soul. The soup helps you hydrate while the salt helps you retain the water in your body.