5 Healthy Ways to Start Your Day

Want to start the day energized and motivated? Here’s a list of what you should do the moment you wake up in the morning.

You probably already know that exercising early in the morning is a great way to start off your day. A physical activity will stimulate your muscles and wake up your whole system. It will also make you physically fit, which will give you extra energy. 
But there are other healthy ways to start off the day. Here are five of them: 

1. Add chia seeds to your breakfast meal.
These tiny seeds are big on nutrients. It contains fiber, protein, calcium, and more. It has fiber, too, which absorbs water and expands in the stomach. It also slows down the absorption of food, resulting in the feeling of fullness. Thus, it helps in weight loss. 

2. Listen to “good morning” music.
Get pumped up in the morning by blasting out feel good music. Listen to songs that lift your mood or give you #goodfeels. Choose music that will make you dance and well, “wake up.”

3. Take your time in the shower
Don’t rush. Take your bath leisurely. The warm water pressure will actually stimulate your muscles and calm your nerves. This is actually a good time to plan your day and think about what you need to do. 

4. Get motivated.
Whether it’s a quote from the Bible or a social media post or a song, start your day motivated and energized. This is a great way to prepare your mind and spirit so you can focus on seizing the day. 

5. Meditate.
Also a great way to start off the day is to clear your mind for a few minutes and just get in touch with your inner self. Meditating in the morning will allow you to focus better.