5 Habits of Highly Effective Dads

Anyone can be a father but it takes so much more to become a dad, especially a super dad. So which one are you? Dad or just a father? Read on to find out. 

Anyone can be a father but it takes so much more to be a dad. It takes commitment, sacrifice, and a lot of loving care. So are you already a dad or just a father? Here are six things that super dads have in common. 

1. They work hard. 
Whether it’s their day jobs or their chores at home, effective dads give their best in everything they do. Working hard gives them a sense of purpose and they show their kids a good example. 

2. They prioritize family. 
Dads may work hard to provide for their families but they know that family trumps career any day. As much as they can, they do not allow their work like to interfere with their family life. That means no taking home of work or weekend work. If they do have to go on work trips, they make sure to communicate with the family as often as they can. 

3. They know the importance of their wives 
Highly effective dads see their wives as equal partners and they recognize the importance of maintaining a happy marriage. Thus, they try to keep the spark and the fire of the marriage alive by occasionally taking their wives out on a date or making their wives feel special. A happy marriage also gives children a feeling of security and teaches him trust and love. 

4. They keep learning.  
Super dads don’t profess to know everything. In fact, they are eager to learn. They try to educate themselves about parenting and raising children. They are not afraid to ask other dads or other parents for suggestions and advise. They know that they still have a lot to learn and that knowledge will help them raise their kids better. 

5. They serve others.  
They know that helping others is a good way to set a good example and to teach their kids good values. Thus, they share their blessings and resources with others whenever they can and they get their kids to do their part.