5 Habits of Happy Couples

Relationships are hard work. But if you know these secrets, it’ll be easier. Find out what these no-fail relationship secrets of happy couples.

You don’t get to have a happy relationship without working on it. To have a healthy relationship with your partner, you have to be ready to sacrifice and compromise. Happy couples have learned early on that the secret to a lasting relationship is not just love alone but learned habits that sustain the relationship. Here are five secrets of super happy couples.

They appreciate each other and they show it. 

Whether it’s a hug, or a kiss, or even just the words “thank you,” acknowledging your partner’s efforts does so much to strengthen the relationship. When people feel valued for their efforts, they will not only keep doing it but they will want to do more.

They talk.

Communicate. Talk. On the phone. On Skype. Via text message or instant message. Communication does not only strengthen the bond, it also prevents future misunderstandings. So they always keep the communication lines open and clear. The same goes when they fight over something. They make sure they talk about it immediately.

They give each other room to breathe.

They know that being a couple is just one aspect of their lives. They have individual lives, too—their own careers, their own families, their own hobbies. They give each other the freedom and the time to develop these other aspects. They support each other—both in victory and defeat.

They set aside time for each other.

Things can get pretty hectic sometimes but happy couples know how to set aside time for each other. A regular date night, for instance, is an essential part in any relationship because it allows them to bond and reconnect.   

They say “Sorry.”

Happy couples don’t let their egos get the best of them. When they are wrong (and even if they are not), they sincerely apologize and say “sorry.” They know that pride has no room in a happy relationship and they’d rather lose the battle and swallow their pride than win it and lose the relationship.