5 Cheap Ways to De-Stress After Office Hours

If your day at the office has been a complete disaster and you only have a few hundred pesos to spare, what would you do and where would you go to de-stress? Here are a few budget-friendly suggestions that can get you back into high spirits. 

Your work commute took two hours longer than usual. Your boss kept hounding you with endless tasks. Someone keeps stealing your power bars from the pantry fridge. And it’s only Monday. You need to de-stress now if you don’t want to end up in the hospital for hypertension. What to do when after-office drinks or afternoon coffee with that ridiculously expensive, overrated cheesecake isn’t an option with petsa de peligro (those particularly trying days before pay day) already in the horizon? Here are a few inexpensive alternatives.


Nothing relieves stress more effectively than a good massage and news flash, there are massages and spa treatments that are affordable, some for as low as PhP49. Try Mont Albo and Banahaw, or get a massage from visually-impaired therapists like Vibes Massage. We suggest a relaxing ventosa (cupping) treatment or the traditional hilot, both of which you can get in most places at less than PhP300.


You don’t have to go to fancy videoke bars where the consumables can super expensive. There are videoke booths in malls and arcades that will let you belt your heart out to Adele at PhP5 to PhP15 per song. Singing with your officemates is always better, but you’d be surprised at how liberating and relaxing it can be to sing “Hello” alone, even if you’re not hitting the notes. You can pretty much sing and do anything you want. No one’s there to judge you anyway.


When you’ve been writing up office reports the whole day, the last thing you probably want to do is write some more. But there are benefits to keeping a journal. First, writing your own thoughts, experiences and feelings can help clear out all that clutter in your head. It’s free therapy! Your only expense: a pen and a journal, which can cost you around PhP129 to PhP1500.


If releasing endorphins is what you want, a workout session may do the trick. But before you sign up for a 2,000-to-5,000-peso-a-month-gym-membership that you might end up not using that much, check out neighborhood bakal gyms, those inexpensive and crudely assembled workout places your buff friend swears by? No AC? You sweat more! Not enough equipment? It’s not like you use all of them anyway. The best thing about bakal gyms is you pay by session, and rates can go as low as PhP20 per workout. 


It sounds sosyal, yes, and most of the “calligraphers” you follow on Instagram spend a lot of money on it. But it does not have to be. It is, in essence, just writing. If you can’t afford a session, learn from YouTube videos or and from sites like The Postman’s Knock and By Dawn Nicole which offers free worksheets that you can practice on. As you progress, you might need more detailed worksheets and specialized brushes—but that’s in the future. For now, just relax and make do with just your office pen and worksheet print-outs.