4 Reasons Why a Debit Card Is a Must Have

Not many Filipinos like the idea of a credit card. If you’re one of the many who have yet to avail of one and will probably not avail one, why not consider a debit card? 

Credit cards are way convenient. It allows you to purchase things online, pay in instalments, and keep track of your spendings. But not all people are impressed by all the benefits a credit card offers. Most Filipinos, for instance, are not fans of the plastic. Enter a debit card, which offers some of the same convenience.

It keeps you within budget.

Having a debit card is the best choice if you want to stay on budget. It prevents you from overspending because you can only spend the amount that is in your account. Also, there are no unexpected fees or interest rates.

Double Convenience

Debit cards, like credit cards, offer cashless transactions. You don’t need to carry that much cash because stores accept debit card transactions. If you do need cash, you can also use your debit card to withdraw from an ATM.


Unlike credit cards, debit cards are protected by PIN, which means no one can access, withdraw, or make purchases using your card without knowing your number.

Bonus Points

Because of market competition, banks offer bonus points you can avail alongside any purchase made using debit cards. This means, you can spend your money and get gifts or rewards afterwards.