4 Causes of Holiday Blues and Why You Can Beat It

It’s Christmas and yet, you can’t seem to get into the spirit of laughter and cheer. The reason may be any one of these. Which one is yours? 

Christmas and all it brings are just two weeks away. The celebrations. The parties. The gifts. The get-togethers. The bonus. You should be happy and celebrating like the rest of the city. And yet, you find yourself depressed. Well, it seems you have caught the holiday blues bug. What’s your reason? 

1. All work and no play 
Unfortunately, Christmas falls at a month when year-end targets should be completed and accomplished. If you find yourself stuck in your office chair with no leaves or typing away by the beach while the rest of the family is swimming, you got this particular bug. 
The consolation: Cheer up! Meeting your targets means higher performance appraisal scores and a big fat check for a bonus. 

2. Samahan ng Malamig na Pasko
You’re single. Alone. No love life. Nag-iisa. Need we say more? 
The consolation: Being single means not having anyone to answer to. You can do whatever you want, buy whatever you want, and go wherever you want. Do that. Travel. Go on a shopping spree. Go on dates. Enjoy yourself. So what if you’re alone this Christmas? It does not mean you should be lonely. Spend the day with your family and friends. Most importantly, spend it with yourself. 

3. No money
Your bank account is again below maintaining balance three days after you got your bonus. (What else is new?) Your money went to paying off household expenses, new clothes for the new year, gifts, that new family computer, and food for noche buena and media noche. 
The consolation: Your family is happy. Isn’t that something to happy about? Still, next year, budget your money wisely so you will have some for emergency. 

4. Too sick to celebrate
The cold season brings colds, cough, and flu. If you caught this bug, then you’re in for a quarantined Christmas and New Year with hot soups and nothing else. Awww… 
The consolation: This is the perfect time to get your spouse, children, or family to do something for you. Ask for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in bed! Besides, you won’t need to organize a party, cook for the whole clan