10 Surefire Ways To Have a Happy Marriage

Your love story does not end when you tie the knot. It has barely begun. Here are some tips on how you can make sure your story ends with a happily-ever-after. 

Do these and you’re on your way to a happy married life!

1. Be supportive of each another. Married life isn’t the fairytale ending you’ve been envisioning. It’s hard and often, you need to adjust to each other and make sacrifices. There are unexpected challenges and because you swore to be partners for life, you have to help each other out. Work on each other’s success.  

2. Stay fit and healthy together. The couple that exercises and eats healthy together, stays together. Working toward a single goal strengthens the relationship and creates a bond. Try to start a healthier lifestyle by taking on fitness routines and eating healthier meals. You don’t need to swear off veggies or become a vegan. Just lessen the junk. 

3. Be faithful to one another. This is, perhaps, the most basic way to preserve a marriage. Being faithful does not just mean not having a third party, it is also about being honest with each other. A marriage is built on trust. Once that is broken, it’ll be hard to mend. 

4. Make sure you have settled your argument by the end of the day. It’s not good to sleep at night with an argument still unsettled. Make sure that you have heard each other’s sides. If you need to say sorry, go ahead and say it. Pride has no place in a marriage. Don’t let problems fester. 

5. Remember your special days.  Yes, every day is a special but there are days that are just worth remembering like your many “firsts” as a couple—first date, first kiss, the day you tied the knot, the day he proposed. Remember the sweet moments every now and then and celebrate your relationship. 

6. Go on dates or spend a weekend holiday together. Sometimes, with your work and the kids, and the running of the household, you forget Never forget to give yourself a break. Some couples, even those with kids, set aside one day in the week for date nights. You don’t have to go out. You can just stay in and spend time together without the kids. Every month or every two months, try to plan a weekend trip. Go to the beach. Mountain-climb. Travel abroad. Spending time together rebuilds the bond. 

7. Learn to adjust. Learn from every argument you’ve had. How did it start? Where did the misunderstanding originate from? As you spend time together, adjust to each other’s personality and temperament. Avoid doing things that will irritate your partner or create a misunderstanding.   

8. Never nag.  Nagging may be an expression of love and worry but the good intention does not erase the fact that it can be as irritating as hell. A one-time reminder is enough. Don’t do it every hour of every day. Too much demands and inquisitiveness can kill your relationship. 

9. Trust each other No relationship will ever survive without trust. You’ve got to have faith that your partner will be faithful, that he will do what he can to make the marriage work, and that he will work hard to build a good future for the family. There is no room for doubts and jealousy in a marriage.  

10. Work together. Whether it’s a new business venture or just simply decorating the baby’s room, work on a project together. It will help strengthen the relationship and give insights on how you can jell well together.