10 Memorable Wedding Theme Ideas

You just said yes and have the ring to prove it. Now what? Now, you plan your wedding and it’s not as easy to do as you think. Do you even have a theme yet? 

Gone are the days when weddings are these boring, solemn affairs in church that basically all look and feel the same. Now, it has become this big extravaganza where the couple can do whatever they want. It’s their event anyway and what better way to do it than in a format that shows their personalities?
Here are some great ideas for wedding events that you might want to do yourself. Which one do you think will fit you as a couple? 

1. Destination Wedding
If you are both travelers or if you have met traveling abroad, then why not go for a destination wedding. You don’t have to do it at the place where you met. You can go to a country you both want to travel to. 
Plus point: You have the excuse to only invite the people closest to you. 

2. Rustic
Couples who love the outdoors and the country life can opt for a rustic wedding. It’s a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Fresh air. Fresh food. Beautiful, verdant surroundings. Horses. 
Plus point: Weddings held in the provinces are typically less expensive. That is if you get local suppliers. 

3. Pop Culture Wedding
If you are both fans of a character, a movie, a series, or some pop culture icons, you can go for a themed wedding on that icon. A “Potterhead” couple, for instance, can recreate Hogwartz. 
Plus point: Your wedding’s gonna be unique and what’s more you’ll enjoy it. 

4. Costumed Wedding 
Another idea is to do costumed wedding, where the bride and groom, along with the guests and the entourage, will be in costumes. You can do Mardi Gras, Alice in Wonderland, or the usual Princess theme. Some couples even do 70s or 60s. 
Plus point: You now have an excuse to dress up. 

6. Garden Party Wedding 
Although it is also quite rustic, what makes this different is the floral theme. A garden party wedding should have flowers everywhere, from the table tops to even the souvenirs, not to mention the cake and the gowns. 
Plus point: Easier to pull off than a rustic wedding because you don’t need to hold it in the province. 

7. Beach Wedding theme
Couples who love the beach and the water can get married amid the sand and the surf. What is great about this type of wedding is that it’s very relaxed and the vibe is not so formal. 
Plus point: No heavy train for this. Just a simple gown will suffice (which you can even use for other occasions!)

8. Bohemian
Feathers, floral headbands, and flowy skirts, a bohemian wedding is all about ease and comfort. Typically, it’s a garden wedding but with more of a DIY, crafty feel. Artsy people often go for bohemian as it fits their free-spirited personality. 
Plus point: You can personalize your wedding and unleash your artistic side. 

9. Colored
Some weddings are themed by the color. One of the most popular is the pastel, which is such a beauty when captured on camera. 
Plus point: You’ll be the one wearing white in a sea of colors. Enough said. 

10. Adventure Weddings 
If you’re a couple who love extreme sports and physical activities, why not get married while having one of your adventures. You can say “I Do” while in your scuba suits with fish and corals as witness or up in the air wearing your individual parachutes (Ummm… good luck finding a priest though!). It’s your day. It’s all up to you.  
Plus point: Getting married while sky diving? It does not get much cooler than that.