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Discover Vintage Escolta

Manila Who’s walk will make you shout whohooo! With its historical and 360-degree sensorial experience, it will make you appreciate and love Escolta’s old-world beauty.


Time to Take a Risque!

Rumor confirmed! You can now design your own shoes! From the sole to the leather, to the design and color, whatever you want, Risque will handcraft the perfect pair for you.


Buy 1, Get 1 on Mushroom Tapa with Brown Rice

Enjoy organic and delectable vegetarian dishes that you won’t even think are veggies when you taste or see them. 

—The Good Seed—


Book 3, Free 1

Defy gravity and see the country from a different perspective. Fly high, feel the wind blowing on your face, and get mesmerized by the amazing scenery down below. 

—Paragliding Philippines—

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