Where to Find Online Freelance Jobs?

Whether you are looking to earn some extra money, turn a hobby into a regular raket, or go freelance full-time, there are a number of online job opportunities available at your fingertips. Here are the five best sites for finding work as a freelancer today.

by Nigel Santos, 15 September 2017

Looking to bring in a little extra cash?

A lot of Filipinos venture into freelancing because it is so easy to earn money online without ever leaving their homes or their rooms. You can earn money by writing copy and articles, proofreading, designing a logo, video editing, translating and transcribing documents, or even becoming a part-time virtual assistant. Aside from that, you have the overall control of your schedule and workload. Also, freelancers often do have a better work and life balance because you spend more time with your family at home while working. To start your freelancing career, all you have to do is look for online platforms, sign up, browse and apply to their different job listings, and then wait for potential clients’ feedback. Another best thing about becoming a freelancer is that you get to choose the types of projects that you love doing the most. There are other portals that even let you set your own price by bidding. Check out these five sites that can help you in your search for a freelance job:

1. Essays.ph

This local online writing community started in 2008 and now has over 50,000 freelance writers. This is a website where Filipino freelance writers work on articles, SEO, ebooks, and other tasks that clients might require. The rate depends on the quantity of output submitted by freelancers. This site is more popular among students. Essays.ph is also known for its fun and friendly community where writers are able to interact with each other and share interests and stories about their writing experiences through their forums. 

2. Raket.ph
Raket.ph has changed the freelancing game in the Philippines since its launch in 2014. Filipino entrepreneurs find it easy to look for talented Rakeeters to work for them. Unlike other sites that only allow employers to post job vacancies, Raket.ph allows freelancers to create their profiles and/or portfolios and wait for it to catch the attention of clients. Aside from writing jobs, Raket.ph also includes job listings for tattoo artists, voice coaches, feng shui experts, and other unusual professions. 

3. Upwork.com
Formerly known as Elance and oDesk, Upwork is the world’s largest online workplace for freelancers. The platform allows you to sign up for short or long-term projects, and to choose how you want to be compensated: by the hour or per project. Upwork has a user-friendly interface, time tracker, and payment protection plan. The job categories include web and mobile software development, engineering and architecture, data science and analytics, customer service, and many more.  

4. Toptal.com
Toptal.com is a freelance networking site for software developers, digital designers, and finance experts from over 100 countries around the world. Once accepted, you’ll automatically join an exclusive community of experts and top talents in the industry. Toptal allows you to set your own rates without going through bidding war. The site works with top companies like IDEO, AirBnb, and JP Morgan that regularly supply interesting projects. 

5. Craigslist.com.ph
Aside from being a massive platform for buying and selling things, volunteer activities, housing, and local events, Craigslist is also a great source of freelance jobs. You can easily browse for local job postings per region and employment type (contractual or full time). There are job openings for voice actors, proofreaders, models, virtual assistants, blog writers, tutors/instructors, tour guides, and many more.