Vince Hizon shares his secrets to financial independence

How former Ginebra player Vince Hizon keeps his body in shape

- From day one, I have the mindset of saving my money
- The most important is to take care of what you want to take care first 
- You've got to plan out your investments

We’ve heard plenty of rags-to-riches stories in PBA. But then, there are also one-day millionaire mishaps that send the best players—with multimillion contracts—to the dumps. 

Vince Hizon may have started young in the league but he knew, as early as then, how to manage his finances. In fact, he remembered an interview where all the PBA rookies in his batch were asked what they would do with their first paycheck. He was the only one who said he was going to save it and put the amount in the bank.

That mindset enabled him to save and invest for the future, helping him to live a comfortable life, 13 years after his retirement in 2004.  He considers the house he and his family live in as his biggest invest. He also has several business ventures. In the future, he hopes to open his own healthy lifestyle gym. 

His advice to the rookies: Take care of what you want to take care first and start planning for the future from day one.