Travel Tips for that Dream Holiday in your 50s

Thinking of booking that dream holiday? We compiled some travel tips on how you can maximize your well-deserved R&R in your 50s.

by Stephen Go, 12 December 2017

The best holidays of your life will be in your 50’s.

Happy retirement! It’s time you reap the rewards of your hard work and early investments! Now that all (or most) of your kids are finished with college and starting their own careers, the urge to take that dream holiday is getting stronger. Take it! Book that flight. You deserve that vacation. But traveling as retirees is different compared to when you took the kids swimming to Subic or the annual summer Baguio family trip. This time, it’s all about you and your spouse. It’s about learning more about yourself, trying things you always wanted to experience, and discovering new things you never thought you’d love. Here are some things to keep in mind before you go on that dream vacation.

Take Time to Plan

Planning for a trip not only minimizes stress and headaches, it also makes for a more enjoyable and fun time with the people you’re traveling with. Imagine not having to worry about missing a flight or finding the easiest way to your hotel. Plus, a good research allows you to extend your travel budget and find nice, not so touristy places to visit. All this planning and research will definitely get you hyped up and excited to travel.  In fact, studies show that planning for trips make travelers just as happy as when they were actually on the trip!

Don’t Be a Technophobe

Although we recommend that you minimize being connected during your holiday, technology is your best friend when you’re traveling. We’re sure that when you no longer have the urge to take a selfie every few minutes, that GPS in your smartphone can help you navigate those Parisian streets to find the best cafe au lait.

Take Your Rest Seriously

Now that you are in your 50s, you realize that cramming all 10 different places and activities in one itinerary is not how you should spend your precious down time. When planning for the trip, make sure to include activities that are more suitable for quiet conversations (like afternoon high teas) and introspective pursuits (reading and fishing). We’re not saying that you should be a grumpy reclusive traveler. Just find time to slow down and learn to value the beauty of stillness. We are so used to filling our time with as many activities as possible that boredom can be the ultimate luxury.

Be Active

Enjoying the quiet life doesn’t mean you should be sedentary. Even if your kind of holiday is “porching” on a quiet coastal town watching the waves, don’t become inactive. Walk around or explore the locality on two wheels. You don’t have to wake up late just because you’re not working. Wake up early and run a few miles. Not only is this good for your health, but you’ll also get to know the place more intimately.

Eat Good Food

Who wouldn’t want to have cheat day or week during their vacation? But keep in mind that good food doesn’t automatically mean that there should be lechon (or porchetta when you’re in Italy) on every single dish. Meals can be healthy without being boring. You can pass on hotel buffet breakfasts and try small restaurants or cafes where locals eat. Not only do you get a more authentic culinary experience, you get to know the place’s culinary culture, too. 

Being in your 50s is the perfect time to go on that special travel holiday. Not just because you have more disposable income and have enough savings in the bank. It’s also because you have found the merits of living the slower life. Slow life doesn’t mean boring. It’s about spending extra time on things that make you happy. Now, stop reading this and go book that flight!