Quiz: Are You Ready to Leave the Nest?

Put away your Pinterest decor collection for a minute. There’s a lot more you need to figure out before you can live on your own. If you’re itching to move out ever since you got your first paycheck, you better get this quiz started, quick!

by Marella Castro, 12 August 2017

It’s liberating to live on your own.

Going solo is an important transition in life. Definitely a legit adult goal! Before you get all excited about zero curfews or eating whatever you want, you might want to think about whether you are actually ready for “adulting” in the real world. Take this quiz to find out for sure.

1. You get home from work tired and hungry. There’s nothing ready to eat in the fridge. What do you do?

  1. Use whatever ingredients you have to make a filling dinner.
  2. Get fast food delivered even if it’s not in your daily budget.
  3. Sleep it off and dream of an intercontinental buffet in a 5-star hotel.

2. You made plans to hang out with friends but you have a leak in your apartment, which of these do you opt for?

  1. Call the building maintenance to fix it ASAP! Promise your friends you’ll come to the next one, because you wouldn’t want to look for your furniture 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
  2. Get a piece of cork and stick it in there. That should hold. Call your friends to meet you at the usual place.
  3. You’re running late! You’ll deal with it later.

3. It’s grocery day! What’s in the cart?

  1. Fruits, veggies, meat, dairy, bread, and oats for a healthy week ahead. Oh and some cleaning supplies!
  2. Chips, beer, and ice cream for tonight’s solo party! There’s always instant noodles for the rest of the week.
  3. Mom always sends her home-cooked meals. Everything else you get from 7-11.


4. When the bill comes in the mail:

  1. You place it inside an envelope marked “for payment” and schedule payment in your calendar, well in advance of the due date.
  2. You’re in shock. You didn’t even know you had to pay for those! Maybe your friend can lend you some money.
  3. You send it to your home address, so the parentals can shoulder it.

5. You hear a suspicious noise in the middle of the night. How do you react?

  1. Check out if it’s anything serious or just your neighbor coming in late. Have someone on speed dial, and a blunt weapon just in case.                        
  2. Panic and ring the alarm.
  3. Hide under the covers until you fall asleep.

6. You just got your paycheck. What’s your next step?

  1. Open up your budgeting spreadsheet to account how much goes to your savings and how much goes to your monthly expenses.
  2. Go to the mall and see if they still have the latest shoe style in your size.
  3. What paycheck? You just paid everyone you borrowed money from.

7. You accidentally cut yourself while in the kitchen. What happens next?

  1. You calmly look for the first-aid kit.
  2. You remember that you actually forgot to get a first-aid kit and settle for wrapping the wound with your shirt.
  3. Dial 911.

8. If your furniture could talk, it would say

  1. “I love my human! I’m in tiptop shape.”        
  2. “Meet my spider besties.”
  3. “Hide meee!”

9. When the building personnel announces an emergency, you:

  1. Inquire to identify the emergency and what safety measures are being undertaken, so you can act accordingly.
  2. Lock yourself in your room and pray for a miracle.
  3. Run screaming into the night

10. The first time you realize you come home to your place in the exact state you left, you:

  1. Plop on your favorite chair and breathe a sigh of contentment.
  2. Become anxious and start calling your college roommate to ask if they’re looking for a place.
  3. Go to your parents house and move back in.

If you got mostly B’s and C’s, you might not be ready for the real deal. Maybe you haven’t realized that taking care of yourself is a lot of work. Being independent is often just doing what you gotta do, even if you don’t feel like it. Until you fully understand what this means and the serious consequences of your actions (or inaction), don’t let go of that down payment.

If you answered mostly A’s, congrats! Independence will be a good look on you. Of course, there will always be a place for you at home. But try not to come crawling back after a few bumps on the road. This will only prove to your parents you weren’t ready to begin with. At which point, you’d lose all arguments by default from here to the next life… or until you move out again.