Propose Like a Champ

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by Redi Mendoza, 21 June 2017

Step 1: Be Dead Sure

Even before you buy that expensive ring, make sure that you are certain that you want to commit to her for the rest of your life. As in 100% sure. It would break her heart if you retract your proposal after popping the question. Here’s a tip on how to know that she’s the one: you can’t imagine your life without her.

Step 2: Talk to Your Future In-Laws

A marriage proposal is a big step. It’s best to include your future in-laws when taking that big leap. After all, you and your significant other will not just start a new family; you will also marry into each other’s families. So, it’s better to start your new life together with her family’s blessings, especially if she’s from an old-fashioned, conservative clan

Step 3: Planning is Key

Preparation should not be limited to just the proposal. Plan how you can fund the wedding and your life together. Getting a “yes” is not enough. You should be able to show your beloved that you have the means to start your life together as a married couple. As for the proposal itself, make sure that you have a foolproof plan. Do an ocular of the venue where you plan to pop the question to make sure that it has the right ambience. You can also ask for help from your friends and her friends to organize the special day.

Step 4: Make Her Feel Special

A dinner date in an expensive restaurant might be a classic proposal scenario but it would make her feel more special if you put in the extra effort when you ask that question. Instead of a restaurant, you can pick a place significant to the both of you. It might be the bookstore where you met each other, the library where you had your first kiss or her dream beach destination. Use your imagination. It’s important to make her feel like the most important woman in the world.

Step 5: Surprise Her

The element of surprise should be on your side. Even if she’s been waiting for you to seal the deal for a while, don’t make it too obvious that you’re about to ask for her hand in marriage. Don’t go asking for the diameter of her finger or have your Pinterest proposal board set to public. Make her friends and family accomplices, so you can get the information you need. Even if you don’t keep things from each other, this is the one secret you should keep.

Step 6: Get Down on Your Knee

An expensive ring doesn’t mean that she should be grateful to you. Remember that you’re still the one asking if she would like to be your wife. Kneeling before her as you ask for her hand in marriage is a sincere gesture of your promise to start a life together. The bottom line is that it’s not about the ring or all the effort that you put into the proposal. It’s your sincerity that will get you the “yes” you want.

Step 7: Make the “Yes” Worth It

You must remember that a proposal is a process. It doesn’t end after she agrees to marry you. Don’t let her do the planning for the wedding all by herself. Share the responsibilities. She would appreciate it if you show genuine enthusiasm for the wedding preparations. Even if you think that she can make better decisions when it comes to flowers and the motif, it would be reassuring for her to see you contribute during every stage of the planning your big day.