Marcio Lassiter Takes Control

On and off court, this multi-talented PBA player is taking big leaps for his and his family’s future

by FWD PBA Contet Team, 1 June 2017

It is for his family that Fil-Am PBA player Marcio Lassiter continues to work hard on and off the hard court. The San Miguel Beermen guard has his priorities down pat: provide a great future for his wife Jerlyn and sons Montaé, Myles, and Marcel (plus baby no. 4 on the way!) and teach his children humility and persistence.

“My upbringing wasn’t the best,” the 30-year-old cager tells FWD Life Philippines. “But (life) is not just about your upbringing. You can choose to be a good person. You can choose to make something of your life. It’s always nice to be rich. It’s nice to have money. But money means nothing if you don’t have the right attitude. And I want to instill that in my kids.”

It’s natural for parents to shower their children with everything they didn’t have growing up. But it is important for Lassiter to invest in his kid’s future, as well. So rather than focusing only on the present, he also thinks of their future. In fact, he has started saving for his children’s education early in his career. Now that he has another boy coming, he’s determined to save even more and prepare for his youngest’s future.

“It would be a blessing if I could see one of my kids get a full ride scholarship like I did in college. That’s tremendous. You don’t have to pay for books, tuition, and lodging. If they’re able to have that and maximize it and get a degree, that will be the best thing. But we cannot be sure of that. If not, I have the financial backup to support their education,” he says.

Lassiter has been a saver all his life. He did several part-time jobs as a kid to help out his mom, who raised him alone, along with his lola. He knows what it takes to earn money and save up to get what he wants. But there’s a limit. He would never go in an off-the-wall buying spree of things he doesn’t really need.

“It’s always gratifying to set goals—material goals—and save enough money to buy them. But I look beyond that. I look to the future, not just mine but my family’s. I’m going to have four kids now and I’m truly honored. I just feel that God won’t put me in a position that I couldn’t handle.”

Fully aware that basketball won’t be there forever, Lassiter recently tried his hand on investing, bringing California’s refreshing shaved snow dessert shop Vampire Penguin to Manila. He and his partners opened their first store early this year at Ayala Malls the 30th, Meralco Ave., Pasig City. Vampire Penguin offers shaved snow desserts with eclectic flavors inspired by different cultures like strawberry cheesecake, vanilla Thai milk tea, matcha, Mexican candy, and our very halo-halo.

“I’ve always loved this product. It originated in Sacramento, California and I was fortunate enough to meet with its owners and team up with them to bring it here. We don’t really have desserts like this in Manila. It’s fairly new but so far, it has been doing very well,” he says.

Lassiter hopes to open more stores in the future. “You have to save up and invest and do things that will help you in the future. Because money doesn’t grow on trees and basketball will not be there all your life,” he says when asked for tips for athletes looking to invest.

Marcio Lassiter is on a career and financial high these days. He’s won several championships and has ventured on his first business. But being a doting dad to his kids and a loving husband to his wife are topmost on his achievement list.

After all, as basketball coach and former NBA player Derek Fisher puts it, “Fatherhood will put a man through a lot, but it’s a tremendous job, the best in the world—even better than playing basketball.”