Practical Yet Out of the Ordinary Ways to Throw Your Christmas Party

The holidays are upon us! To some, it means planning the perfect Christmas party that everyone will rave about. Here are some non-traditional Christmas party ideas to help you get started. .

by Jeanne Jampac, 11 December 2017

Are you this year’s designated Christmas party organizer? Make sure to include something new to spice up an otherwise traditional holiday affair.

Christmas festivities are popular not just for its religious significance. To most, it means Christmas dinners and exchange gifts galore. To a select few, it could mean stressing over how you could plan a party your friends and colleagues would actually want to attend. To help you out, we gathered a few ways to hold a Christmas party that are practical, yet unique and, most important, fun! 

1. Somewhere New

The easiest way to deviate from tradition is to take the party either out of the house or out of the office. This is especially important to employees who may find it hard to divert their attention from work if the party were held in a place where the work computer or documents are just an arm’s length away. 
The number of employees may vary among small, medium, and large-sized, and this could significantly affect planning in terms of budgeting. Nevertheless, you have a range of options to choose from starting with private rooms, functions room, and clubhouses. Spruce the place up with nice Holiday decors and great music. For those who can dole out more, you can even take the party out of town. 

2. Throw a Theme Party

Apart from Halloween, it’s not every day that you get to have a valid excuse to dress up as Darth Vader or Daenerys Targaryen, so a theme Christmas party could be something to look forward to. Make sure the theme you choose is something that majority, if not all partygoers, would be happy to comply with. 
There’s a long list of themes you can come up with but you can start with a decade theme party like the 20s, a casino night where everyone can actually play poker or blackjack, or a celebrity night where you can dress up as your favorite actor or actress. 

3. Expand Your Guestlist

One of the main culprits that make Christmas parties hard to schedule is the fact that some would rather spend time with family after office hours, and that is a perfectly valid reason. This is why it may be good to extend the invitation to your employee’s or colleague’s immediate family. Expanding the guestlist could also mean an opportunity for you to meet new friends and widen your network. 
Now that you’ve turned the party into a family affair, it may be best to also plan some activities that people of all ages can participate in. You can start with a talent competition or perhaps a scavenger hunt. 

4. Don’t Forget Remote Workers

Working with people doesn’t always mean you get to actually interact with them. Don’t forget the skilled people across the globe who help build the company, and make sure you include them in the holiday celebration. 
You have two options for remote workers. Either you invite them to attend the Christmas party or, if that’s not feasible, you can provide them a separate budget to hold a party of their own. With the latter, you can even set the parties at the same time and connect through a video software with which everyone can greet each other a Merry Christmas.