Office Cubicle Must-haves That’ll Get You Through the Day!

Is your work cubicle a little dreary? Is office chatter distracting you to the point of not being able to work? Here are some office must-haves that will add a little color to your workspace and help get you through the day!

by Sher Bautista, 08 July 2017

Get into interior designer mode and get creative at work. Inject some color and panache into your work area with some office items that are not only fun to look at but also help you get the job done. Here are some workplace essentials that’ll cheer you up every time you use them—as well as give your officemates some serious cubicle envy!

Motivational Quotes

Pick a quote that inspires and motivates you (or write one yourself!) and frame it. Or find a calendar that has a different quote for every day of the year. Place it on your desk or hang it on the side of your cubicle or office wall. When you feel stuck or frustrated, you can always have a look at your quote. Use it to calm down, get centered, and motivated to get back to work.


Does workplace chatter distract you? If your office has an open plan space where colleagues are only separated by low cubicle dividers, and noise hinders your productivity, purchase a pair of noise-cancelling headsets that you can use and hang/leave at your desk. This way you can tune out the babble and concentrate on getting your work done, all while sporting a pair of funky cans.

Colorful Post-Its

Don’t stick with plain yellow. Go for all the available colors Post-Its come in! Make use of notes to remind you of tasks and meetings. Go a step further and color code all your activities.

Throw Pillows or a Nice Back Pillow

If you’re lucky enough to have a corner office with a couch, why not bring in some colorful throw pillows for colleagues and guests to rest on during meetings or downtime. Your corner of the office floor will soon become the unofficial gathering area. If you’re limited to a chair, invest in a good back pillow for lumbar support and find one with a funky design or bright color.

Personalized Mug or Tumbler

This may sound cliché but having your own mug or tumbler is a must in most office environments. Get one with a quote, or a place you’ve traveled to, or maybe one with the faces of your family members on it. Having one on your desk makes sure you stay hydrated (or caffeinated) the entire day. And walking over to the water cooler is a great excuse to stand and stretch, or touch base with colleagues on the floor.

Colorful In-Trays

Ditch the bland gray office trays and get yourself some bold colors. Pick a different color for your in-tray and your out-tray, that way you know where to place documents and which pile still needs your attention with one glance.

Potted Plants

It may not be standard office equipment that directly helps with work, but having a bit of green on your desk is incredibly calming. Bring in a low maintenance succulent or a nice leafy indoor plant such as a Pothos or Spider plant. Just don’t forget to water it!.

There may be a couple of items that are not on this list and may seem essential to you. Perhaps a quirky mobile phone stand, or your favorite movie poster. As long as it falls within office regulation and does not encroach on any of your colleagues’ workspace, dressing up your desk to help keep you motivated and productive can only be a good thing.