5 Morning Rituals That’ll Make You Productive All Day

Do you find yourself always arriving at work, all flustered and mentally unprepared? Consider changing your routine up a bit and incorporating a couple of rituals that can help boost your mood and set you up for a productive week.

by Sher Bautista, 26 June 2017

Do you sometimes wonder how some folks get all of the stuff on their to-do lists done? They show up for work bright-eyed and ready for the day, they catch up with colleagues, and get a solid hour at the gym done all before 5 pm. It’s like these people inherited the productivity gene that allows for laser focus and boundless energy every single day. Meanwhile, we mortals struggle just to hit the snooze button on our phones. If you find yourself in a constant battle to conquer the morning blahs, why not incorporate these rituals in your routine and help set the tone for the rest of the day.

Set a Regular Wake Up Time and Make Your Bed

A structured routine starts with a set wake up time. Set your alarm to go off at the same time every morning during the weekdays. A regular sleep routine helps the body function at its peak. Your body will eventually get used to this schedule and you will sometimes find yourself naturally waking up a few minutes before your alarm starts to ring. It goes without saying that you should also have a set time for going to bed, allowing for enough hours to sleep and recover from the previous day’s work. As for making your bed? It gives you a sense of accomplishment early in the day. This gives you momentum to start ticking off other items on your to-do list. Plus, you have a nice bed to crawl into at the end of a long day.

2. Affordability

These services not only fit your diet plan but also your budget. The average price for a healthy meal plan starts at PhP1,800 for meals for five days. The price varies according to the number of calories, meals, snacks, and nutritious drinks you need. Some companies even offer free delivery. There are also promos and discounts when you order for the first time. At first, you may think that that you’ll be spending more money if you go for a healthy meal delivery service, but once your meals are already planned, you will actually minimize your food waste and buy fewer products.

Have some quiet time

Take a few quiet minutes every morning to center yourself. Perhaps use this time to journal your thoughts, or get some clarity with some inspirational reading material. Avoid the depressing news, you can always read the front page or tune in to CNN later in the day.

Get Movin’

Get a couple of minutes of physical activity in before you prepare for work. It doesn’t have to be much. As little as five minutes of stretching or yoga can get the body pumped and ready for the day ahead. If you find that option unappealing, turn the radio on and dance around to a couple of songs. Same benefits, just a different activity. Find what works best for you and try it out.

Eat Something Healthy

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In our rush to get from bed to office in as little time as possible, we often skip the breakfast part and often rely on a cup of drive-thru coffee to get us through the morning commute. Make a healthy change and set aside 10 minutes to at least have some oatmeal or eggs on whole wheat toast. If you’re not really the full breakfast meal kind of person, have a piece of fruit or a fruit smoothie before you head out and order that vanilla latte. This way you get some proper nutrition in you and are not running on just caffeine until lunch. Goodbye midmorning hunger pangs, hello improved clarity and productivity.

Prioritize What Needs to Be Done

While you are having your healthy smoothie, write down the three most important things that need to be done for the day. The act of writing tasks down actually helps them become more concrete and is the first step into making them a reality. Make sure the items on your list are specific and actionable. Having them down on paper makes you accountable and more likely to get them done within the course of the day.

We can’t all be super productive every single day, but we can try. Just altering a couple of our habits and routines in the morning can do wonders for improving our state of mind.