Luxury Experiences to Aim for Before Turning 40

Dreading the big 4-0? Turn that fear into fun with luxury experiences that you truly deserve.

By Marife Remo

Turning 40 is a milestone for most people—why not, if you have stayed sane for this long? By this time, you probably have a relatively stable job (that you oh so love), a tight-knight group of friends, your own house (or paying for it) and more adult things you pretty much nailed already. Although you still might have a few goals on your list, rewarding yourself with luxurious experiences (yes, you deserve it!) is essential to reinvigorate your zest for life and live bigger. 

Opulence and exclusivity are here for you to enjoy. Here are some suggestions on how to gift yourself with experiences that can add more value to your life before and as you prepare for retirement.  
Fulfill Your Dream Trip
Enough of the DIY backpacking trips to Southeast Asia. Take out that hard-earned money and breathe in the splendor of Indian culture aboard the Maharaja’s Express. Do you prefer a nature-inspired getaway?  Book a week-long stay at one of South Africa’s exclusive safari lodges. Traveling at this point in your life should be all for rest and relaxation; no more getting lost in alleyways because of guideless adventures and lunches at the convenience store just to not run out of pocket money.         

Indulge Your Appetite
Upgrade your craving staples because you can. If wine is your tipple of choice, wine-tasting in one of the famous cellars of Napa Valley is a must in this lifetime. Throw in a picnic featuring regional gourmet food for good measure. From foodie to connoisseur, go on a quest to find the holy grail of steaks in Japan.  Feasting on your favorite dishes in the comfort of your own home is as luxurious because dining takes you places, too.    

Invest in an Heirloom 
Isn’t now the best time to purchase those exquisite pair of diamond earrings? A quick course on jewelry making can help you decide which precious piece to acquire. And what about that finely crafted timepiece which epitomizes all your hard work and sacrifices? A classic never runs out of style. The best thing about these possessions is that it connects family generations as heirlooms. 
Purchase Things That Make Life More Comfortable
Ultimate luxurious experiences are those that indulge you on the daily. Go on and shell out a few extra bills for a temperature-sensitive mattress that also helps align your spine and eliminate morning backaches. Say hello to the smart fridge that connects to the Wi-Fi and integrates a virtual assistant that can take voice orders. You are sure to have a long list of these little luxuries, thanks to technology that’s advancing at warp speed.     

These experiences don’t have to be “luxurious” in the strict sense of the word. Since you are making your list, the indulgences depend on you and what you prefer. But keep in mind that for you to be able to enjoy these things before you hit 40, you have to be luxury-ready. That means you have to start saving now and making smart investment choices to grow your money. Saving up more than enough can even allow you to retire early so that you can go full on luxury. Just keep your eyes on the goal—the finer things in life await those who secure their finances early. 

Marife is a freelance writer/copywriter specializing in advertising and marketing. But really, just tell her what you need and she’ll try her very best to come up with something interesting. She is a mom and wife 24/7, a Netflix junkie, meme lover, and a cat person who does not own a cat.