University Courses that Yield the Highest Wages

Getting a university education is not just about following your dreams; it’s also about preparing for the future. One of the foremost considerations when choosing a university course is whether it will give you good career opportunities after graduation. Find out which ones score top pesos.

A good education is a serious investment. With the amount of effort, time, and money you spend pursuing a degree, it’s only right that you consider how you can get a return from this investment. Certain university courses offer more career opportunities and higher compensation than others. If you want to take the right steps in preparing for your financial future, take a look at which courses lead to lucrative careers.


As long as businesses need to keep their finances in order, there will always be a high demand for Certified Public Accountants. A starting salary for a fresh accounting graduate ranges from PhP19,000 to PhP25,000. Of course, you can expect this to go even higher as you garner more work experience.

Computer Programmer/IT/Web Designer

In this digital age, you can expect high demand for computer-savvy professionals. If you’re a coder, IT expert, or software engineer, expect a starting salary of at least PhP30,000 with more established companies offering even better compensation. The need to secure digital data and maintain a credible and effective presence online has now become a necessity, so you can expect companies to want to get the best IT team they can afford.


Cities don’t build themselves. Engineering is a lucrative course simply because of the important jobs that licensed engineers perform. From buildings and bridges, to roads and malls—none of these structures get built without an engineer at the helm. If you plan on getting this degree, expect to be paid a starting salary of about PhP25,000 after you pass the bar. You can also strike out on your own, once you get enough experience and get paid even more per project.


Being a journalist is now more exciting than ever, especially with new media platforms, and new technology that can further enhance your practice. You’re going to have to put in the work, chasing down leads, but once you find your niche and establish your credibility and reputation, it shouldn’t be too hard for you to start reaping the rewards of the job.

Business Management

This may seem like such a generic option for you, but one thing’s for sure, there will always be a need to have someone run a business well. Business owners don’t always make for great business managers, which is why they hire people to run their enterprises for them. Even CEOs go through a hiring process, too, and with this degree, you just might be the CEO of a top business firm in the future.

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Creatives make it big in the real world. A junior art director for an ad agency can easily earn over PhP 20,000. People who can make advertising and marketing campaigns are highly valued because they boost sales and help the business do better overall. It may not be technical or scientific, but it certainly is challenging. It also requires expertise because enticing people to engage with a business involves understanding their behavior and psychology as consumers.