Encouraging positivity amidst the new normal with the #WeKanDuuThis Mindset

Your favorite PBA stars get real about their quarantine realizations in the recently concluded FWD x PBA Kamustahan.
By Gelene Peñalosa

FWD-PBA Kamustahan
Everyone has been hit hard by the pandemic, not sparing even the best of us. All of us have been dealing with the current situation differently, spending time on either learning new skills or investing on different kinds of things. Some of our PBA idols have also been spending their six month-long quarantine the same way as us — stuck at home with a lot of time on their hands. 

Have you ever wondered what your basketball idols have been up to in quarantine? Pinoy basketball fans were able to catch up with their favorite PBA stars through the PBA Kamustahan on Facebook. 

As the Official Insurer of the PBA, FWD shares a mutual passion for sports and excellence and to continue engaging and inspiring Filipinos through sports, keep players and basketball fans connected even while the season is on hiatus, and to get a glimpse of their favorite basketball players’ lives in the New Normal. 

The 11th episode of PBA Kamustahan saw PBA players Gabe Norwood, Arwind Santos, Scottie Thompson, Robert Bolick, Garvo Lanete, and Baser Amer open up about how they’re adjusting to the new normal, their journey to the PBA, and their goals and plans for the future. 

Adjusting to the New Normal with the right attitude

The first part of the episode covered the players’ adjustments to the new normal. When asked about their biggest sacrifices for their families, everyone had different answers. Gabe and Arwind both mentioned that their daily routines had changed, with basketball being set aside during the pandemic. Arwind was thankful that he was able to adapt quickly to this change and said that he has taken the place of his wife in doing the day-to-day activities that she used to do. For Garvo, delaying his wedding to next year was his biggest sacrifice, knowing that the health and safety of everyone is their top priority. 

On the lessons they learned moving to the new normal, everyone agreed that they learned to value their time with their loved ones, the importance of saving for a rainy day, and being prepared for anything. For Gabe, this transition to the new normal is the right time to mend relationships. For Arwind, he said that saving money is most important so that you’d be able to prepare for you and your family as well as have a bit to help those in need. 

Their passion and journey

The second part of the episode tackled the players’ journey to the PBA and the people who inspired and helped them through it all. 

Robert believed that he was an unexpected arrival in the PBA.
When he played college basketball, he didn’t really shine. He thought getting into the PBA was a long shot. And then luck came his way. “I got recruited in San Beda. I did all I could to become better in basketball, training, and practicing” He adds: “I’m grateful to San Beda for giving me the opportunity to improve as an athlete and as a person.” 

Scottie, on the other hand, said that all the players who came from the provinces had almost the same story. For instance, his hometown Davao City has been a breeding ground for talent and aspiring basketball athletes. So it’s no surprise that, just like PBA veterans PJ Simon and Cyrus Baguio, Scottie was scouted to Davao and had the chance to start a career in Manila. 

Garvo, shared that the biggest challenge he faced moving to Manila to play basketball was being away from his family. He recalled a conversation with his brother Chico Lanete, a former player for the PBA, “I was telling him that I was feeling homesick. He said if I wanted to pursue basketball and become successful, I had to endure it and make sacrifices. I listened to him and never looked back.” 

Baser left Davao City for Manila when he was 14 years old. He lived in a dorm and he didn’t know anyone in the city. He could barely talk to anyone because he couldn’t speak Tagalog. “It was a hard experience,” recounted Amer.

Having a positive and hopeful mindset

The last part of the episode highlighted the goals and future plans of the PBA players for themselves and their families. What is truly inspiring about their stories and journey is their hopeful demeanor amidst everything. Commissioner Marcial, who joined later in the episode, told the players to remain positive and fit, and of course to stay safe in these trying times. 

With the pandemic forcing each of us to stay at home, these PBA players continue to “walk their talk” of staying healthy while indoors while still being optimistic for the future. Their strong desire to pursue and fulfill their off-court and on-court goals is what makes them hopeful for the end of the pandemic. 

Just like us, these PBA stars have gone through trials and difficulties, especially in their journey to the professional basketball. With the right mindset and attitude, they were able to overcome these hurdles and be the best they can be. And so can you.  

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