Be Creative, Go Beyond the Job Description

If you’re a creative spirit is trapped in a cubicle, it’s gonna be tough to find fulfillment within the four walls of your office. You owe it to yourself to find a way to unleash your creativity lest you want it to go to waste. Your job title may sound “boring,” but the job itself—and you— certainly don’t have to be!

by Marella Castro, 03 October 2017

Creativity isn’t limited to the arts.

Your heart’s passion and your work are as different as night and day.  You may be an accountant with a heart of a musician. Or a painter hiding underneath the tough exterior of a stock broker.  Though you’re comfortable and fairly happy with your nine-to-five, there will be days when you feel like your inner flame is flickering. Spice things up a bit! All it takes is a little imagination. Here are pointers on how to do it.

Solve Problems Creatively 
Anybody with a problem can be innovative in the manner they solve it. Finding new solutions and looking for better ways to approach a situation beyond the standard process, is already creative thinking. Even highly scientific professions require creativity in their experiments to arrive at a truly great “aha!” moment.

Visualize Your Data

Make data interesting by going beyond the typical spreadsheets, pie charts, and reports. Express yourself through an interesting or unique (but still easily comprehensible) infographic or use a more advanced software that can show your figures in an entirely different light. Not only do you engage your audience more, you inspire them to think out of the box as well. You’ll rock that presentation for sure, and have fun making it, too. 

Take a Mental Break
Doing something that’s not aligned to your hobbies, interests, and personality can be mentally, emotionally, and psychologically exhausting. What could be a good time out from mechanical tasks? Daydream. Read a page from your favorite fiction or an autobiography of a beloved artist. Doodle. Do something with your hands, like an origami or learn how to bake. Freeing your mind regularly will help keep you refreshed and improve your morale. 

Disrupt the Monotony
Bored to tears with the same old tasks? How can you do them differently? If tasks don’t fall under any chronology, try doing them in reverse order. Just saw a great movie with a killer soundtrack? Put that on your playlist and imagine yourself as the hero in your personal version of the movie. Do the mundane like you’ve never done them before.

Step Up. Volunteer. 
Don’t let the stuffy setup define your role in the company. If you can’t find an outlet for your ideas, who’s to say you can’t propose something that will bring them to life? Offer to develop a new market strategy, devise a more efficient filing system, conceptualize a corporate social responsibility campaign. Just remember: the proof is in the pudding. Show them that a creative approach can improve results, and you’ll be having more fun at the office in no time.