7 Ways to Lower Your Cellphone Bill

Our cellphones have become a necessity we cannot live without. Unfortunately, with convenience comes expensive monthly bills. How to deal? Here are ways for postpaid users to actually shave some pesos off their bills.

by Nigel Santos, 14 June 2017

The Philippines is known not just for being the “Text Messaging Capital of the World” but also the “Most Social Nation” online—just further proof that we love anything that has to do with social media. Here, almost everyone has a cellphone and our household budgets reflect this reality. If you are currently looking for ways to cut down on your expenses, it might be a good idea to check your cellphone bill first. If you do your homework before buying a phone and choosing a local provider, you’ll be sure to get a better deal. Here are seven ways to save on your mobile bill.

1. Go for the Plan You Need and Stick to It

If you are signing up for a new cell phone plan, it is important to make sure that you are only paying for what you need. There are plan packages that include unlimited texts, calls, and data usage, but do you really need all of that? Remember that every kilobyte counts. You should also take a look at your phone usage for the past few months to know if you need to switch to a lower-priced plan so you can make the most out of your budget.

2. Analyze Your Data Usage

Another important thing to know is how much data you tend to use over the course of a month. This will allow you to choose the lowest data option available. Just make sure that you’re honest with yourself about how much you consume. If you use your phone constantly for work or for school, however, it is recommended that you choose an unlimited plan, since it will be more cost effective than constantly going over your allowed data usage.

3. Get a Prepaid Phone

One of the benefits of getting a pay-as-you-go phone is you’ll know exactly what you’re going to spend. This means no more monthly phone bill surprises! Using a prepaid SIM keeps you aware of how much you spend and actually stops you from using your mobile phone once you exceed your budget.

4. Use Texting Apps

WhatsApp, Viber, and LINE—these are just some of free texting and voice call apps that you can download onto your phone so you won’t have to pay for texts. These are available on almost all smartphones, including iPhones. You even have the option to do video calls, which is great for getting face-to-face time with people living far away. Speaking of which, these apps are great for keeping in touch with loved ones and friends living overseas. But do make sure you use Wi-Fi so your data doesn’t run out. And about Wi-Fi…

5. Use Wi-Fi Whenever and Wherever You Can

This helps you stay within the data limit on your phone, especially if you’re in places with a secure connection like your office, home, or school. You can actually program your phone to connect to these secure Wi-Fi networks whenever they are in range. Check out your gadget’s settings or go online for instructions on how to do this. Make sure you’re using Wi-Fi while you’re at it.

6. Subscribe to Family or Barkada Plans

Some local service providers offer group packages where you need more than one phone line on your plan. These plans offer savings for additional phone lines, thus decreasing the average cost of each line. It’s an excellent way to save, especially if you really need multiple lines.

7. Always Look for Employee Discounts

To avoid unnecessary costs, there are available local carriers that offer discounts to employers and businesses. Ask your employers or your HR representative if they have offers like those. Most discounts are in the 10 percent to 25 percent range. Other companies opt to offer a fixed monthly load to employees along with a free phone. It’s best to ask your HR rep to be sure.