7 Things You Should Never Say in a Job Interview

Prepping for a job interview? While it is important that you impress with your witty answers, acing the interview is just as much about what you don’t say. Saying the wrong thing can also ruin your chances. So game up and check out these seven job interview deal breakers so you won’t end up sabotaging your chances.

When you’re job hunting, landing an interview feels like a big success. And if it’s a dream job then the competition will be fierce. Make sure you keep yourself in contention by avoiding a few words or statements. Here are seven cringe-worthy remarks to avoid during a job interview.

1‘I’m exploring other options because my company is toxic.’

Regardless of the truth, think about the many other things you can say without speaking negatively about your company, your boss, or your colleagues. You can say that you’re looking to develop a new set of skills or curious to try a different industry. Remember that companies prefer to hire positive people.

2‘I want this job because it will give me…’

Leadership coach Susan Bernstein says that this is a frequent and subtle mistake that applicants often make because it should not be about what you stand to gain. To up your chances, it’s better to focus on what you can contribute to a prospective employer.

3‘I’m a perfectionist.’

If you are asked, “Can you talk about your weaknesses?,” don’t answer with a perceived strength. Discuss a weakness related to work and expound on how you are working on solving it. Otherwise, the interviewer will think you are either not aware of your shortcomings or not emotionally mature enough to admit it.

4'What is your company all about?’

Before going into the interview, make sure you research on the company. Let the interviewer know that you’re aware of its strengths and challenges and what role you can play to make things better. Asking the interviewer what the company is all about sends warning bells that you didn’t do your homework so you’re either lazy, not that interested, or possibly both.

5‘I could do this job in my sleep.’

Every job and every organization is different. Just because you’ve launched a brand many times in the past does not mean you know the answer to their marketing concerns. Instead, ask the interviewer what the company cares about and what they are currently focusing on. Let them know you are interested in growth and in new ways of doing things.

6‘I’d like to know more about your vacation policy.’

This is a matter that you discuss once you’ve been made an offer but never before one. Asking about vacation leaves on the first interview sends the signal that you can’t wait to take a break even before you’ve started.

7Sorry I’m late.’

When up for an important interview, make sure you are never caught in a position where you have to say this. Given the metro’s traffic situation, it’s best you arrive ridiculously early than disastrously late. Otherwise, the interviewer will think that if you can’t be on time for your interview then chances are slim you’ll be punctual once hired.