6 Things Star Employees Do Every Day

Want to stand out from a crowd of other promotion-hungry employees? Do these six things and you’re already on your way.

Of the hundreds in your workplace, is it possible to stand out? Yes. If you do the following:

Take initiative

There’s nothing wrong with doing more than you’re asked to do or helping out other teammates even when the boss did not assign you. Show that you're ready to step up.

Come prepared

Make sure you’re ready. Haphazard work is not acceptable.

Follow the basic rules

Whether it is the dress code or the office hours, a star employee always complies.

Be competitive

You’re there for the healthy competition. Prove to everyone (especially your boss) that you could do what others could do, and do it better.  

Promote positivity

When you bring good vibes on a Monday morning, you’re a gem. No matter how busy, tired or unproductive you may be, smile!

Do your job well

At the end of the day, the thing that matters is if you deliver. Give your 100% and you will be rewarded.