5 Startup Businesses That Need Little or No Cash

Have you ever dreamed of owning a business? A small startup you could grow online and market through word of mouth? Lack of funds shouldn’t stop you from making your entrepreneurial dreams come true. Check out these five businesses you can start that need almost no financial investment to get things off the ground.

by Leah C. Eriguel, 15 September 2017

What businesses can you start with little or no cash?

Thanks to the Internet, there are businesses you can start where the only investment you’ll need are some time to make your business plan and financial model, a bit of social media savvy, and mad skills. Here’s a list of some startups that require very little cash to get you on the road to entrepreneurship. 

1. Pet Sitting Service and/or Pet Grooming
If pets make you feel all warm and fuzzy, why not turn your love for animals into a lucrative business? You can be the solution for pet owners who need a place to park their beloved pets while they’re away.  Pet hotels charge between Php500-1,000 per day and require that the pet’s food and bowls are care of the pet owner. So all you need is some space, a few cages, cleaning products and tools, and you’re off! To up your services, why not package pet grooming so that pets are freshly bathed when their humans come to pick them up? Pet grooming fees also range from PhP500 to PhP1,000. Word of mouth is key to your new business as pet owners are willing to go the extra mile to make sure their fur babies get the best tender loving care.

2. Consulting
So you’ve had some years of experience in your industry and enough wins to call you an expert. Whether it’s PR, marketing or even fashion styling, there are companies who would be happy to pay you for your expertise. Consulting is a business where time and your expertise are your only big investments. And once you are able to show value to your clients, your startup consulting business can grow to be bigger than you imagined.

3.  Private Yoga/Dance/Martial Arts Instructor
Perhaps you’ve been doing yoga for a few years or you’ve won a few Muay Thai competitions. Doing the thing you love may just be the revenue driver of your startup business. There are a lot of high-powered men and women out there who badly need the exercise but don’t have time to hit the gym or just aren’t comfortable sweating it out with other people around. There are Titas of Manila who would love to burn some calories to the tune of “Despacito” but would rather do it in the confines of their condominium’s club house. This is where you and your awesome skills come in. You don’t even need to worry about having space because you go to them. Private yoga and dance instructors’ fees range from PhP700 to PhP2,000 per hour. Private martial arts instructors’ fees range from PhP700 to PhP1,000 per hour.

4.  Personal Creations in Gift Baskets

Whether it’s homemade candles that smell like chocolate and candies or baked oatmeal cookies from your lola’s recipe, the secret is in the packaging. The holidays are coming up and there are people and companies who are looking for something pretty and affordable to give away—gift baskets! This is the best time to launch your personal creations. Your production cost will vary depending on how you design your basket but a safe bet would be to add a 20% markup to your total production cost. Once you find out that your products have a market, you can sell your personal creations online, too.  

5. Online Reselling
The business model is simple and requires zero cash out. You strike a deal with an online seller of say, pre-loved designer bags. Then you put up your own Facebook/Instagram page and post those pre-loved bags at your agreed marked up price. When you close a deal, your buyer makes a payment to the online seller through a bank deposit. Online seller then ships purchase to buyer. Once transaction is done, online seller gives you agreed markup amount. Online resellers of pre-loved designer bags can make as much as PhP20,000 to PhP100,000 per month!